Field Training

Field training is an integral part of a geoscientist educational development. For this reason every year EAGE organizes Boot Camps for students and young professionals striving for concrete practice.

This format effectively combines classroom training and practical work, inviting participants to solve geological and geophysical problems on the field. Field activities include data collection, surveying, planting geophones, operating seismic sources, interpreting geological structures and geological mapping.


Valuable operational experience

Boot Camps are generally 1 week long and are a great opportunity for intensive training at active sites where students and young professionals can gain valuable experience in operational contexts as well as develop team coordination skills.





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If you are interested in this experience, you can choose among 3 types of Boot Camps:


EAGE Geophysical Boot Camp

Thanks to the support of sponsoring companies, the Geophysics Boot Camp provides young professionals and students with practical “hands-on” experience in carrying out different aspects of geophysical activities within an active oilfield. Here it is possible to practice the use of different geophysical techniques including reflection and refraction seismic, gravity and ground-penetrating radar. As participants are divided into teams, they rotate between practical tasks of survey installation, data acquisition and quality control, all with a variety of geophysical platforms and technologies. The geophysical observations are consolidated into by an integrated interpretation of the field, enabling participants to turn theory into practice. This is an extremely useful opportunity for those who have not yet been in the field, or wish to have the experience of geophysical data acquisition, as well as for young professionals in the early stages of career who can practice their leadership and management skills by supervising students on the field under the coordination of subject matter experts.

Watch the video to learn more about EAGE Geophysical Boot Camps:



EAGE Geological Boot Camp

The Geological Boot Camp is another exciting opportunity for exercising, developing and testing operational skills on the field. This activity familiarizes participants with the identification of different plays by visiting sites of interest and with an overview of integrated play modelling as typically used for exploration and development of geo-resources. As part of the field practice, participants make play element maps of structures, reservoir, seal and source rock, and come up with a final play map. In addition, participants may be involved in volumetric estimates of anticlines and, upon completion, they gain a robust knowledge of the integrated modelling process.

An important aspect of this activity is team interaction is a fundamental component of this course, that enriches the experience and sets basis for productive networking among future professionals.


Middle East Boot Camp

Starting from 2015, EAGE also organizes a Boot Camp in the Middle East with a different theme each year. Boot Camps organized in this region so far focused on Land Seismic Acquisition and Seismic Imaging in active fault zones. Addressing practical challenges allow to expose participants to real field conditions in a 7-day full immersion into a range of onsite geological and geophysical operations.

The overall aim for the Middle East Boot Camp is to complement high-resolution seismic data with a magnetic and gravity profile and, possibly extend the surveyed area and add more geophysical data (geoelectric & remote sensing) in the next editions.

The Boot Camp is a great opportunity for M.Sc. and Ph.D. students who have never been in the field or had the chance to experience actual working conditions before. The camp enables these students to bring theory into practice together with young industry professionals who might become their colleagues in near future. At the same time, young professionals, especially those with only a few years of experience on the job, are encouraged to join in order to learn how to lead teams in the field under lecturers’ supervision. Boot Camps are also an excellent chance for them to meet other young professionals from different companies, expand their network, share knowledge and opportunities.


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