Artificial Intelligence

The Community

The Artificial Intelligence Special Interest Community (A.I.) is a network of EAGE memebrs dedicated to promote knowledge and develop skills among geoscientists and engineers working with A.I. and machine learning applications.

Join to be part of an environment to network, manage events, share technical information and otherwise reach out and communicate on a global basis. You can participate in discussions, circulate news and ideas, and discover all opportunities offered by EAGE, including the possibility of becoming a reviewer, co-chairing technical sessions, participating in the organization of future events on decarbonization and energy transition, and connecting with a worldwide network of members. The network is open to all EAGE members active in these fields or interested in learning more.


2019-2021 Committee 

The A.I. community is coordinated by a Committee that serves for a period of two years.

Name  Company/Institution Country
Claire Emma Birnie Equinor Norway
Jan H. van de Mortel Independent  Netherlands 
Lukas Mosser  Imperial College United Kingdom
Olivier Dubrule  Imperial College United Kingdom 
Paul Zwartjes  Aramco Netherlands 
Steve Freeman  Schlumberger United Kingdom
Tianci Cui  Enverus  Canada 



The A.I. Committee actively contributes to various EAGE events worldwide, supporting EAGE members involved in the digital transformation. 

Next to this, the A.I. community is also involved in a number of initiatives, including technical lectures and webinars for EAGE communities, some of which are available in the EAGE YouTube Channel, and shares resources and and news periodically on this page and in their LinkedIn group.

To learn more, join them on LinkedIn.

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