Young Professionals

The Community

The YP Special Interest Community is open to young professionals aged 35 or below who are EAGE members. This community was created to ensure that professionals in the early stages of their careers could find a dedicated network within EAGE where their expectations can be articulated. 

“I believe that being active in the YP community is at least as important as doing good technical work. In my opinion, the YP SIC is the best platform for a young geoscientist to exchange knowledge and experience with peers that have just started or are thinking about pursuing a career in this field. I was very enthusiastic to hear EAGE has clear plans to expand the YP platform and I am excited that I can contribute to fulfill these goals.”

Matteo Ravasi 
YP Committee Member 2016 - 2018


The mission of the EAGE YP Community is to enable EAGE Young Professionals to offer mutual support and the exchange of information relating to:

- better understanding of YP community expectations 
- facilitation of advice given between community members 
- sharing of career opportunities 
- guidance on career development 

The YP community is coordinated by a Committee that serves for a period of two years. The YP Committee actively supports young professionals by sharing relevant news (including interviews, job vacancies, career advice), encouraging discussion, connecting members and actively developing events for YP, including a Special Session at every EAGE Annual Conference.

How to join

You can join the community via LinkedIn!


"All young professionals are invited to join the LinkedIn group to participate in discussions and to discover the opportunities available. These opportunities range from involvement in reviewing material for the Annual Meeting, to co-chairing technical sessions, and especially participating in the organisation of future events for young professionals”

Filippo Broggini, YP Committee Chair 2016 - 2018


"I participated in the EAGE YP group, and have been delighted with their work. At the EAGE Annual they organize a panel that allows us as young professionals to listen and talk to distinguished, mid- to late career professionals about our futures. They also regularly publish interviews in their LinkedIn group, which allows me to learn about a variety of different topics—technical and nontechnical alike. […] Speaking to academics and industry professionals has allowed me to receive feedback on my work. Connecting with other students allows me to build relationships which I hope will last a lifetime."

Carlos Alberto da Costa Filho, YP member

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