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The European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers has been bringing together the geoscientific's professional and academic communities for almost 70 years with ground-breaking events, top-level publications and much more. Being a member of EAGE offers connects you with 19,000 active professionals in the field, the latest scientific content, and a platform for advancing scientific progress.  

EAGE aims to bridge the gap between the university and professional environment. In a competitive environment for recruiting the next generation of skilled professionals, EAGE recognizes the need of students to take part in programmes that will increase their scientific and technical knowledge, as well as the need for students to have access to a global professional network to get themselves started.

Becoming an EAGE member will open doors to knowledge and a worldwide network of professionals and students in geoscience and engineering. Join as Student Member Today, or Renew Your Membership for 2020.


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What you need to know about EAGE Student Membership in 2020

Student Benefits

Student Membership of the EAGE comes with a range of benefits which include:

  • A 50% discount on EAGE Membership; 
  • Discounts for all EAGE events worldwide;
  • A new issue of our industry and scientific magazine, First Break (online & print), every month;
  • Access to the latest content from EarthDoc, EAGE's online geoscience and engineering database;
  • A free online subscription to one of EAGE's scientific journals;
  • Discounts on any additional online journal subscriptions;
  • Free access to online learning through the Learning Geoscience portal;
  • Member discount at the online EAGE Bookshop;
  • Access to MyEAGE, which includes our Member Search;
  • Eligibility for financial support
  • Access to further benefits based on the EAGE Membership Recognition Programme.
Sponsored Student Membership

In order to support the development of the geoscience and engineering community's students, the EAGE Student Fund gives first year members of EAGE, who are studying at a recognized institution and under the age of 29, the opportunity to have their membership fee covered by the fund. This allows new members to explore the benefits of EAGE Membership, without putting themselves in any undue financial strain. 

Log in to MyEAGE to Apply for a Sponsored Student Membership.

Important Update on EarthDoc

EAGE Member Benefits include access to our EarthDoc Platform, the world's most significant database of geoscience and engineering papers. EarthDoc was founded over ten years ago, and since then it has grown beyond all expectation, now with over 70,000 papers stored in its archive. This is much more than our current system is capable of managing. To facilitate this massive capacity increase, EarthDoc will move to a much improved new platform, allowing for faster more effective research and a variety of other important upgrades and making sure EarthDoc remains available as a knowledge centre for the geoscience and engineering community.

All members of EAGE will continue to enjoy the use of EarthDoc, with first time members being able to immediately make use of the most recent two years of publications on the platform. As you grow as an EAGE Member in the EAGE Membership Recognition Programme, you will have greater access to the full backlog of content on the archive. However if you need to gain quick access to earlier years than can be accessed at your recognition level, EAGE asks a small contribution that will go a little way in helping us maintain and develop this important knowledge platform.

Here you can learn all about this important change to the EarthDoc Platform.

The Membership Recognition Programme: Students

The EAGE Membership Recognition Programme was launched to recognize the loyalty of our members and the value they bring to the Association. The Programme offers a number of extra benefits to those renewing their membership based on the number of years they have been with the Association. Even after one year the benefits begin to kick in!

NOTE: While not eligible for additional event discounts based on their level, Student Members can still take part in the Recognition Programme. Your Recognition Level as a Student will count towards your Recognition Level once you move onto the professional ladder, granting you instant access to all the perks available to non-Student Members at that Level. The Recognition Level of Students does impact a student's level of access to EarthDoc. See Update below.

Important Update: As of January 2020 your Membership Recognition Level will be used to determine your level of access to EAGE's EarthDoc system. You read all about this important change to EarthDoc here.

Learn all about how you can grow as an EAGE Member here.

What's Coming in 2020?

EAGE is always evolving, and no two years are the same. Here is a little sample of what's to come in 2020:


EAGE events are among the world's most significant meetings for geoscientists and engineers, pushing the envelope on the science and technology that underlines much of modern life.

In 2020 EAGE's stalwart events, our excellent Annual Conference and Exhibition (taking place in Amsterdam 2020) and our ground-breaking Near Surface Geoscience Conference and Exhibition, will be complimented by new future focused events, such as First EAGE Digitalization Conference and Exhibition, EAGE's latest foray into the field of digitalization in the energy industry.

And that just scratches the surface: For more information on our global selection of events, including excellent events in every region, check out our EAGE Calendar of Events.


2020 will see the relaunch of EAGE's important EarthDoc platform, a new home for the over 70,000 papers arising from EAGE's events, journals and associated societies. The new platform will help EAGE manage the massive increase in papers we have experienced since the platform's inception, along with offering other key updates that you can read about here.

EAGE's selection of publications, including First Break, Near Surface Geophysics, Basin Research, Petroleum Geophysics and Geophysical Prospecting, will continue to deliver high quality technical content on the most pressing issues in geoscience and engineering.


Building on our original Women in Geoscience and Engineering, and Young Professional Communities, and based on our member’s interests, in 2019 we have seen the launch of two new topics based communities, Decarbonization and Energy Transition and Artificial Intelligence, two groups now very active on LinkedIn and dedicated to bringing these important subjects and associated innovations to the foreground.  2020 will see all of these communities develop key activities and opportunities for engagement on these topics. 

You can learn all about what's coming for our communities, here.


Membership Application Procedure

Both Joining EAGE and Renewing Your Membership is easy!

1. Sign Up or Log In to MyEAGE. Current members can use their preferred email address and password to login.

2. Once on the MyEAGE Portal, select the tab: Membership Application. The select the option Apply for EAGE Membership.

3. From here follow the instructions on how to join EAGE or renew your EAGE Membership. If you encounter any issues, or have any questions, do no hesitate to contact us at:


Please note:

  • EAGE membership runs from January through December. Applications received in October, November and December will automatically be considered for the next calendar year, but immediately in effect when activated.

  • The processing time for membership applications can be a couple of days. Activation of membership only happens if and when the fee is paid for.

  • If you would like to register for the discounted member registration fee for an upcoming event, please make sure that your membership application (accompanied by the payment of your membership fee) is received by EAGE at least 14 days prior to the deadline(s) of the event.


If you have any questions regarding your membership, don't hesitate to contact us.