EAGE exploring opportunities in geothermal energy

EAGE is recognizing the opportunities presented by the energy transition, particularly in the areas of geothermal energy, geochemistry and sustainability. The Association is committed to supporting members – more than 7,200 in the Near Surface Geoscience Division – by providing a platform for industry and academia to meet and share knowledge that link across multiple disciplines.

With this in mind, EAGE partnered with GeoTHERM 2018, one of Europe's largest geothermal meetings, which took place on 1-2 March in Offenburg, Germany. The event was successful in reaching out to the community of professionals and companies focusing on the latest developments for exploration and use of geothermal resources for both deep and shallow applications.

Prior to the Congress, IGA (International Geothermal Association) and IEA Geothermal (International Energy Agency - Geothermal Technology Collaboration Programme) organized an Asia Symposium with the participation of 12 speakers from eight Asian countries who shared their experience and regional perspectives for geothermal development. The Symposium was a productive meeting and highlighted different approaches, insights and plans for addressing this topic – all with one common vision: to improve our knowledge of geothermal systems and unveil the potential of geothermal energy.

Cooperation will be a key element in this process. For this reason, EAGE and IGA decided to join efforts and signed an agreement of association to collaborate on future activities for the benefit of their respective members dealing with – or orienting their work towards – geothermal projects.

If you’re interested in learning more about EAGE and IGA’s work in geothermal energy you can visit them at the Iceland Geothermal Conference in Reykjavik from 24-27 April 2018 and at the EAGE Annual 2018 in Copenhagen in June. The 80th EAGE Annual Conference will also feature a dedicated session on Geothermal Solutions and will be the occasion for discussing innovative approaches.

Later in the year, on 8-9 November 2018, EAGE and IGA will again join forces in a workshop entirely dedicated to geothermal energy to be held in Strasbourg. To learn more about upcoming events, visit our Calendar of Events.