Empowering Innovation in Latin America

It has been observed that a diverse workforce is a more productive workforce. Whether it is scientific advances in the world of geoscience and engineering, management or or other forms of group work, the strongest results are achieved by diverse teams. Varied inclusion of backgrounds helps to bring different perspectives to the table, resulting in improved and more creative ideas or novel approaches to problem solving.

EAGE’s largest special interest group, the EAGE Women In Geoscience & Engineering, exists within the Association to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and to promote the participation of female members employed in geoscience & engineering disciplines. The community today counts more than 1500 members and is active in supporting the retention of women in the industry, offering career guidance and sharing relevant opportunities.

Over the years, EAGE has had the privilege to count on renowned professionals with great expertise and passion in technical committees, many of which are women, who contributed to successful projects, events and courses.
In this new initiative focusing on developments in the region of Latin America, we invited some of those experts to work together and present a programme composed entirely of outstanding contributions led by female geoscientists.

In two half-day multidisciplinary sessions, we will explore the enormous potential of this breathtaking continent. In order to do so, our programme consists of contributions on the cutting edge of innovation covering everything from offshore exploration to near surface geoscience. Participants can learn the latest about advanced seismic research, machine learning innovation, new geothermal energy projects and more. It’s not all technical presentations though: career development advice and moments of interaction are key parts of the programme. Are you curious about the latest developments in Latin American research and keen to celebrate the role of women in industry and research? Make sure to sign up for our online sessions on 22 and 23 July.

You can take a look at the schedule here and read about the speakers.


Register before 20 July to secure your spot!