GET2020 conference to play a key role for the Energy Transition

If we learned anything from the COVID-19 crisis, it is that we need to seek collaboration, learn from experts, and be open to change. That’s why EAGE’s first Geoscience & Engineering in Energy Transition Conference (GET2020) scheduled for 16-18 November in Strasbourg, France provides an important opportunity.

The usage of the earth’s subsurface plays a pivotal role in most of the technologies, which contribute to slow down the greenhouse effect. Adjusted Geosciences are needed to ensure safe and environmentally friendly handling of the subsurface. EAGE understands the key role that geoscientists play in this energy transition and that the new era will bring both opportunities as well as challenges.

To further the discussion on the role geoscientists can play, EAGE is inviting geoscientists, industry, and public authorities to participate. Key topics will cover Geothermal, CCS, Energy Storage, Cross-Uses & Disciplines, and Solutions, and Society & Government.

Share ideas with your peers on how the energy transition will unfold. The Call for Abstracts is open until 15 August so make sure you submit your abstracts as soon as possible.


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We are carefully monitoring the COVD-19 situation. If the situation requires us to make changes to the setup or venue (e.g. online) of the event, we will do this. The current Energy Transition will be the framework of what all geoscientists will do in the future, therefore we encourage all geoscientists, subsurface engineers, energy providers, the industrial sector, researchers and academics, public authorities and other stakeholders to participate in the conference and join the conversation on shaping the future.

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