Meet the Participants EAGE Annual 2018

In the run-up to the EAGE Annual Conference and Exhibition 2018, Copenhagen, Denmark (11-14 June), EAGE will be chatting to a number of participants working in geoscientific fields.

Tala Maria Aabø is a perfect example of the young geoscientist fostered by EAGE. A PhD fellow at the Danish Hydrocarbon Research and Technology Centre (SHRTC), and formerly a research assistant, Tala works at the Natural History Museum of Denmark on fracture characterization, upscaling and modeling in chalk outcrops. Her research is part of a multidisciplinary effort to increase oil recovery from the Danish subsurface. As a young geoscientist she is excited by the idea of approaching established geo-challenges by exploring new technologies, such as big data and AI.

Let's see what Tala had to say in her chat with EAGE! 

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