Ballot results are in, find out more!

Ballot vote resultWe are happy to announce that the EAGE 2017 ballot has seen a record number of members casting their vote for the four vacancies open this year. We would like to thank all candidates for standing for election and EAGE members for casting their votes. The results of the ballot can be found here.

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New E-Lecture on the EAGE YouTube channel!

Fatiha GamarWatch a new EAGE E-Lecture now! Fatiha Gamar explains how they developed a high-resolution volumetric Q tomography to attain an accurate volumetric estimation of the attenuation model. Click on the link to find out more, don’t forget to visit our YouTube channel for more EAGE E-Lectures and don’t forget to subscribe. We upload E-Lectures biweekly!

Watch the E-Lecture here