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Aim of the EAGE/DGG Workshop

The aim of the workshop is to bring and invite contributions from academics, researchers, industry experts and research funding agencies to discuss geoscientific research fields where fibre-optic technologies are involved and could be used. We will focus on fostering discussions and interactions from current and potential collaborations with multi-disciplinary approaches, as well as governmental/industry perspectives on the many applications these technologies may offer for geoscientific objectives. We will discuss novel applications and technological improvements, including unprecedented data sets for monitoring and case studies in all fields of application.

Potsdam, Germany

The city Potsdam has been chosen to host our EAGE/DGG Workshop on Fibre Optics Technology in Geophysics on 31 March 2017. It will be an one-day workshop with invited speakers oral presentations and poster presentations with an open call for abstracts.