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Please note: The technical programme starts daily at 09:30. This is an hour later than previous EAGE Conference & Exhibition events.
The technical programme is also included in the Programme & Catalogue, which can be downloaded here.


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Microseismic Imaging and Inversion
TypeOral session
Chairman 3dee229b-ae5b-4f51-d327-39e92dcba9b5 - Seismik s.r.o.
3fdbb303-a9ce-a8c0-af57-39e92283fed0 - Altcom Ltd

14:30Th N108 09 Combined Use of a Deep Monitoring Array and Shallow Borehole Arrays for Moment Tensor Inversion
M. Wilks* (University of Bristol), I. Bradford (Schlumberger Gould Research), M. Williams (Schlumberger Gould Research), I. Vera Rodriguez (Schlumberger Gould Research) & D. Pugh (University of Cambridge)
14:55Th N108 10 Anisotropic Waveform Inversion for Microseismic Source Parameters
I. Tsvankin* (Colorado School of Mines) & O. Jarillo Michel (Colorado School of Mines)
15:20Th N108 11 Seismic Interferometry in Image Domain Based on Reverse Time Migration for Passive Seismic Monitoring
K. Shiraishi* (JGI, Inc.)
15:45Th N108 12 Passive Seismic Imaging by Using Data to Data Migration
L. Wang* (Institute Of Geology and Geophysics Cas) & X. Chang (Institute Of Geology and Geophysics Cas)
16:10 Break
16:30Th N108 13 Inferred Fluid Saturation Zone in Geothermal Reservoir Derived from Induced Micro-seismicity Attenuation Tomography
B.S. Prabowo* (Institut Teknologi Bandung), M.R. Sule (Institut Teknologi Bandung), A.D. Nugraha (Institut Teknologi Bandung) & M.U. Hasanah (Padjadjaran University)
16:55Th N108 14 4D Tomography and Deformation from Microseismic Data
J.W. Crowley* (Engineering Seismology Group Canada Inc. (ESG)), A.M. Baig (Engineering Seismology Group Canada Inc. (ESG)), T.I. Urbancic (Engineering Seismology Group Canada Inc. (ESG)) & E. von Lunen (NexenCnooc Ltd.)
17:20Th N108 15 Geomechanic Modeling of Seismic Wave Generation and Approximation by Effective Seismic Point Sources
A.A. Duchkov* (Novosibirsk State University), Y.P. Stefanov (Institute of Petroleum Geology & Geophysics), S.V. Yaskevich (Institute of Petroleum Geology & Geophysics) & R.A. Bakeev (Institute of Petroleum Geology & Geophysics)
17:45Th N108 16 Geomechanical Simulation of Microseismic Events Induced by CO2 Injection at In Salah, Algeria
J.P. Verdon* (University of Bristol), A.L. Stork (University of Bristol), R.C. Bissell (Carbon Fluids Ltd), C.E. Bond (University of Aberdeen) & M.J. Werner (University of Bristol)