Rock Physics for Quantitative Interpretation: How to think like a rock physicist

 Date  15 November 2017
 Instructor  Mark Sams, Ikon Science 
 Level  Introductory - Intermediate
 Duration  1 day

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Course Description

Rock physics is a key element of quantitative interpretation. Rock physics is used through all stages of the seismic reservoir characterization workflow, from quality control on petrophysical evaluation to interpretation of elastic properties from seismic inversion. This course will provide the attendee with the knowledge to participate actively and intelligently in Quantitative Interpretation studies. The course will cover the basics of rock physics by examining the link between reservoir properties and seismic amplitudes via the elastic properties of the rocks. A detailed exploration of the critical seismic petrophysics workflow – petrophysics, rock physics and well tie -  will be made including: understanding the rocks, preparing logs for integration with seismic, rock physics modelling, fluid substitution and more. Finally, use of rock physics for the interpretation of seismic amplitudes through seismic inversion will be discussed. The course will focus on practical application rather than theory. Using a broad range of real data examples, the methods, benefits and limitations of applying rock physics will be explored. The main aim of the course is to teach attendees how to think like a rock physicist.


Course Objectives

The main aim of the course is to help attendees think like a rock physicist. The key takeaways will be:

  • Understanding the link between reservoir properties and seismic amplitudes
  • How to prepare logs for integration with seismic data
  • How to select and apply rock physics models
  • How to quality control data and processes
  • Rock physics rules of thumb

Participants' Profile

This is a course that would benefit all professionals in the Oil and Gas sector involved in the use of seismic data for understanding the subsurface. This includes seismic processors, petrophysicists, seismic interpreters, quantitative interpreters, geophysicists and geologists. The course will be aimed at a beginner to intermediate rock physics level. No prior rock physics knowledge is required.


About the Instructor

Mark SamsMark Sams is currently QI Manager of Ikon Science Asia Pacific. He has more than 30 years’ experience in academia and industry. He spent 12 years at Imperial College, London, where he received an MSc and PhD in geophysics and carried out post-doctoral research in rock physics. He moved to Malaysia in 1994 and joined Petronas Research working on AVO analysis and inversion. He then worked for Jason for 14 years and joined Ikon Science in early 2012. He specialises in rock physics and seismic reservoir characterisation and has taught, published and presented widely on both topics. Mark is a member of EAGE and SEG.