EAGE/SPE Borneo Deepwater Symposium – Synergy for Sustainable Development

29 - 30 July
Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei
Call for papers

Event Schedule

Monday, 29 July 2019

 0630 – 0730 hrs

Technical Display Move-in

0730 – 1730 hrs


0730 – 1730 hrs

Speaker Check-in

0845 – 0900 hrs

Opening Session

Welcome Remarks by Co-chairmen

0900 – 0920 hrs

Opening Address - Yang Mulia Dato Paduka Awang Haji Matsatejo Sokiaw, Deputy Minister of Energy, Manpower and Industry, Negara Brunei Darussalam

0920 – 0940 hrs

Keynote Address - Mr. M Firouz Asnan, Senior Vice President, D&P, PETRONAS

0940 – 1000 hrs

Coffee Break

1000 – 1015 hrs

e-Poster Session

  • P-1: A novel approach for predicting static connectivity in stacked deepwater channelised and sheet turbidite systems - Bayonle A. Omoniyi1, 2, Dorrik A. V. Stow1 (Heriot-Watt University, Adekunle Ajasin University)

  • P-2: Kelidang Cluster Development: Subsurface Uncertainties Estimation in Deepwater Field Resource Certification – Ankit Kumar, Alexander Kolupaev*, M Fauzi M Kadir (Beicip-Franlab Asia), Ernieza Nasir, Arthur Ngan, Cecep Wahyu Rudiana (PETRONAS Carigali Brunei Ltd)

1015 – 1200 hrs

Executive Plenary Session - Key Drivers for Sustainable Development of Deepwater Industry

Session Chairs: Mohamad Othman, PETRONAS Carigali Brunei Ltd and Haydn Ian Furlonge, Brunei National Petroleum Company Sendirian Berhad (PetroleumBRUNEI)

This session will focus on key considerations from governmental, investor and service provider perspectives. Deepwater oil and gas exploitation has taken prominence in meeting the world’s demand for energy and in boosting economic development. The policies and mechanisms to maximise in country value need to be carefully considered. At the same time, given the capital intensity of this activity, countries must consider competition for FDI and the parameters which drive attractiveness. Appropriate regulations and social risks and impact must also be factored into the equation. In addition to these issues. Investors and operators face the financial risk and technical challenges in deepwater environments, whilst meeting the expectation of host governments. Service companies and technology providers push the boundaries of safety, reliability and cost. All of these and related issues including global trends and future outlook will be addressed in this Executive Plenary Session.

Moderator: Haydn I. Furlonge, Chief Executive Officer (Brunei National Petroleum Sdn. Bhd.)


  1. Yang Mulia Awang Haji Azhar bin Haji Yahya, Permanent Secretary (Energy), Ministry of Energy, Manpower and Industry, Negara Brunei Darussalam

  2. Hj Bacho Pilong, Vice President, International Assets, Development and Production, Upstream (PETRONAS)

  3. Dr. Ceri Powell, Managing Director (Brunei Shell Petroleum Sdn. Bhd.)

  4. Hatta Kamaruzzaman, Managing Director and Country Manager, Malaysia and Brunei (Aker Solutions)

  5. Mr. Dave Sivaprasad, Partner & Managing Director (The Boston Consulting Group Sdn. Bhd. (BCG))

1200 – 1300 hrs


1300 – 1320 hrs

Keynote Address - Pierre Yves-Chenet, Chief Technology Officer Exploration – BeicipFranlab

1320 – 1500 hrs

Technical Session 1: Exploration

This session will discuss recent initiatives to improve deepwater exploration success and profitability. Topics of interest include both efforts to reduce exploration risks (data acquisition, seismic reprocessing, innovative de-risking technologies, new geological concepts) and reduce exploration costs thanks to new drilling technologies, cost-effective synergies and improvement in predictive models. The session will also present collaborations between the different actors of the industry in addressing deepwater exploration challenges.


  • S1-1: Deepwater NW Borneo Unveiled – Latest Regional 3D Seismic Reveals the Exploration Potential of Sabah Basin - Tad Choi, Andy Bromley, Jo McArdle (PGS)

  • S1-2: Interplaying Turbidite System: Understanding Reservoir Dispersal in NW Luconia and NW Sabah Deepwater - Satyabrata Nayak, Prabal Shankar Das, Azwari Huslan Mod, Anyi Ngau (PETRONAS Carigali)

  • S1-3: Multi-scale PBE Enabling Deepwater Portfolio Rejuvenation in Brunei Shell Petroleum - Thomas Golding (Brunei Shell Petroleum)

  • S1-4: Subsalt Exploration in Total – Keys to Success – Daniel Larranaga, Patrick Ravaut, Bee Hoon Tan (TOTAL E&P Asia Pacific)

1500 – 1515 hrs

Coffee Break

1515 – 1530 hrs

e-Poster Session

  • P-3: Evaluation of Gas Cluster Production Assurance and Optimization Using Integrated Network - Modeling Approach for Ultra Deep-Water Fields in South East Asia - K.T. Chaw, A.C.H. Ngan, E. Nasir (PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd)

  • P-4: Maturing a Deepwater Exploration/Development Well from DG-1 to Spud in 9 Months - Aaron Tan (Sarawak Shell Berhad)

1530 – 1710 hrs

Technical Session 2: Development

Deepwater development is the key for future opportunities and growth in Borneo water. Though a few deepwater fields are already in production, the optimum development concept for deepwater fields remains technically challenging. Best practices and lessons learnt will be discussed in this session which include project planning, framing, geological and subsurface uncertainties, project execution strategy, production philosophy, managing risk and uncertainties and cost optimisation.


  • S2-1: Reservoir Modelling in Kelidang Deepwater Field: Opportunities and New Paradigm for Future Developments – Ankit Kumar, Alexander Kolupaev, M Fauzi M Kadir (Beicip-Franlab Asia), Ernieza Nasir, Arthur Ngan, Cecep Wahyu Rudiana (PETRONAS Carigali Brunei Ltd)

  • S2-2: Bringing Shell's Deepwater Experience to Brunei's first accelerated Deepwater Gas Development – Marianna Omar, Detlef Wodtke (Brunei Shell Petroleum)

  • S2-3: 21st Century Subsea Field Development Planning - Nick Simpson (OneSubsea)

  • S2-4: Kaikias Phased Appraisal and Development Strategy – Paul Ontiveros (Shell)

1800 – 2000 hrs

Symposium Dinner


Tuesday, 30 July 2019

0800 – 1600 hrs


0800 – 1600 hrs

Speaker Check-in

0900 – 0920 hrs

Keynote Address by Dr Rahim Masoudi, Chief Technical Officer & Custodian Reservoir Engineering, PETRONAS

0920 – 1100 hrs

Technical Session 3: Production Operations and Innovative Technology

This session seeks to discuss evolving means and ways to reduce operational costs, improve production and injection efficiencies, improve field uptime, reducing exposure associated with deferments, maintain flow assurance with high reliability and without compromising HSE. This session will discuss the importance and benefits of incorporating “Life-of-Field” thinking in front end design. In addition, this session will discuss on potential new, future technology and innovative solutions to ensure sustainable development of deepwater fields.


  • S3-1: Topside 4.0: Reducing Capex and Opex for Offshore Production Facility Using New Technology and Digitalization – Chiraq Sehgal (Siemens)

  • S3-2: Subsea 2.0™ - Simpler, Leaner, Smarter – TechnipFMC

  • S3-3: Resistivity Look Ahead of Bit While Drilling - Gagok Imam Santoso (Schlumberger)

  • S3-4: Digital Twin Through the Life of a Field - Ann-Kristin Takle (Aker Solutions)

1100 – 1120 hrs

Coffee Break

1120 – 1300 hrs

Technical Session 4: Commercial and Contractual Terms

Deepwater prospects will become an important part of the future oil and gas supply. Hydrocarbon resources in shallow water are depleting and the focus now shifts to deepwater resources. Deepwater development is currently facing numerous challenges including new technology and commercial models. Besides innovative technology to drive cost reduction, robust commercial models are required to develop deepwater fields especially with marginal resources. This session will discuss about current commercial challenges and innovative ideas for robust deepwater contractual arrangements that cover both material and marginal deepwater resources.


  • S4-1: S4-1: Offshore Costs and Competitiveness – Where Does Borneo Fit In? - Jo Friedman, Rystad Energy
  • S4-2: Integrated Solutions - Capturing the Value of iEPCI™ - TechnipFMC
  • S4-3: Competing for Deepwater Investment: Asia Pacific Fiscal Terms – Andrew Harwood, WoodMackenzie
  • S4-4: Smarter Contacting - Unlocking the Value within the Supply Chain – Ming Teck Kong, (The Boston Consulting Group Sdn. Bhd. (BCG))

1300 – 1400 hrs


1400 – 1530 hrs

Special Session: Unlocking Future Growth for Brunei Deepwater

  • This session will focus on the future and growth of deepwater exploration and development in Brunei from investor and government perspective, and the operational challenges in developing deepwater resources had come to the industry attention to find and develop solutions that are economical and long term.
  • Are we ready to unite to pursue inventive technology development and adoption for deepwater sustainability?
  • With the current trending on the expanding deepwater venture, is Brunei ready to be the hub for deepwater excellence in Borneo region?
  • How deepwater development will drive the business opportunity and socioeconomic in Brunei?

1530 – 1600 hrs

Closing Remarks