EAGE/SPE Borneo Deepwater Symposium – Synergy for Sustainable Development

29 - 30 July
Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei
Call for papers

Technical Programme

Submission Guidelines

The technical committee invites speakers to submit abstracts (template available here) and the abstract should be a minimum of 1 page (up to 500 words) and a maximum of 2 - 4 pages in length, paper size A4. The extended abstract should consist of text and appropriate figures supporting the key message. The text should contain at least one figure and include references. Submissions will be accepted online by email to Ruth Dass at rds@eage.org. Session write up submission deadline is 1 May 2019. Once the abstract is reviewed and accepted, an invitation will be issued to the presenter with further instructions for the presentation. 




This session will discuss recent initiatives to improve deepwater exploration success and profitability. Topics of interest include both efforts to reduce exploration risks (data acquisition, seismic reprocessing, innovative de-risking technologies, new geological concepts) and reduce exploration costs thanks to new drilling technologies, cost-effective synergies and improvement in predictive models. The session will also present collaborations between the different actors of the industry in addressing deepwater exploration challenges.



Deepwater development is the key for future opportunities and growth in Borneo waters. Though a few deepwater fields are already in production, optimum development concepts for deepwater fields remain technically challenging. Best practices and lessons learnt will be discussed in this session which include project planning, framing, geological and subsurface uncertainties, project execution strategy, production philosophy, managing risk and uncertainties and cost optimisation.


Production Operations and Innovative Technologies

This session seeks to discuss evolving means and ways to reduce operational costs, improve production and injection efficiencies, improve field uptime, reduce exposure associated with deferments, maintain flow assurance with high reliability without compromising HSE. This session will discuss the importance and benefits of incorporating “Life-of-Field” thinking in front end design. In addition, this session will discuss on potential new, future technology and innovative solutions to ensure sustainable development of deepwater fields.


Commercial and Contractual Terms

Deepwater prospects will become an important part of the future oil and gas supply. Hydrocarbon resources in shallow water are depleting and the focus now shifts to deepwater resources. Deepwater development is currently facing numerous challenges including new technology and commercial models. Besides innovative technology to drive cost reduction, robust commercial models are required to develop deepwater fields especially with marginal resources. This session will discuss about current commercial challenges and innovative ideas for robust deepwater contractual arrangements that cover both material and marginal deepwater resources.


Who Should Attend

This symposium will benefit professionals from NOCs, major oil producers and service companies in addressing deepwater collaborative effort including but not limited to:

• Project Leaders
• Subsurface Leaders
• Geologists
• Geophysicists
• Petrophysicists
• Petroleum Engineers
• Reservoir Engineers
• Drilling Engineers
• Facilities Engineers
• Front End Engineers
• Production Engineers
• Project Engineers
• Wells Management
• Operations Engineers