Short Course Catalogue - Data Science


Machine Learning

Machine Learning for Geoscientists with Hands-on Coding

Instructor: Dr. Ehsan Naeini (Ikon Science)

The objectives of this short course are: 1) show various Geoscience examples in which machine learning algorithms have been implemented, 2) teach the basic principles of machine learning and deep learning, 3) demonstrate the flexibility of coding machine learning in Python. Trainees will code a classification and a regression algorithm during the class using freely available Python libraries. We use RokDoc (Ikon Science's proprietary software - educational licenses / laptops will be provided) to facilitate this process. The course is for entry level practitioners and involves hands-on coding, hence having some Python skills is an advantage but not essential.

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New Applications of Machine Learning to Oil & Gas Exploration and Production

Instructor: Dr. Bernard Montaron (Fraimwork SAS)

The course introduction will attempt to answer the question: How will A.I. change the way we work in the Oil and Gas industry in the coming years? Looking at what is underway in other industries and guessing what type of projects are under development in R&D departments in our industry will help answer that question.

Oil and Gas examples will be presented corresponding to each of the terms A.I., Machine Learning, and Deep Learning, allowing participants to reach a clear understanding on how they differ.
The course will then focus on Deep Learning (DL) and address all key aspects of developing and applying the technology to Oil and Gas projects.

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