Welcome to Learning Geoscience! 

Education is key to EAGE's mission to promote the development and application of Geosciences and Engineering and this portal is the focal point for all education activities organized by the Association. 

Whether you are a young or experienced professional looking for new paths in your professional development, you have come to the right place! Among our programmes you will find different formats:

You can choose courses based on your location, level, language and time availability. Check our Calendar of Events for upcoming education appointments or browse through EAGE Short Course Catalogue for more information about the disciplines and courses in our portfolio.
Discounts for attending EAGE Education activities are available for members. Learn more about membership benefits here
EAGE also offers an Economic Hardship Programme that assists long-term members who are currently unemployed by providing contributions towards educational programmes. Click here to read more about conditions and requirements.
Are you interested in one of our courses but it is not organized in your region? Tailored training can be requested as well: ask for a personalized training proposal!