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Petroleum Geoscience transcends disciplinary boundaries and publishes a balanced mix of articles covering exploration, exploitation, appraisal, development and enhancement of sub-surface hydrocarbon resources and carbon repositories. The integration of disciplines in an applied context, whether for fluid production, carbon storage or related geoenergy applications, is a particular strength of the journal. Articles on enhancing exploration efficiency, lowering technological and environmental risk, and improving hydrocarbon recovery communicate the latest developments in sub-surface geoscience to a wide readership.

Published by both The Geological Society of London and EAGE, Petroleum Geoscience is a peer-reviewed journal providing a multidisciplinary forum for those engaged in the science and technology of the rock-related sub-surface disciplines. The journal reaches some 8,000 individual subscribers, and a further 1,100 institutional subscriptions provide global access to readers including geologists, geophysicists, petroleum and reservoir engineers, petrophysicists and geochemists in both academia and industry. The journal aims to share knowledge of reservoir geoscience and to reflect the international nature of its development.


Impact Factor 2015: 1.122

Petroleum Geoscience is indexed/abstracted in Current Contents, Science Citation Index, GeoArchive, GeoRef, Geobase, Petroleum Abstracts, Geological Abstracts and Mineralogical Abstracts.

Petroleum Geoscience is published 4 times a year.

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Chief Editor

Phil Christie Schlumberger Gould Research, UK


Sebastian Geiger, Heriot-Watt University, UK
Bruce Levell, Oxford University, UK
Phil Ringrose, Statoil E&P, Norway
John Underhill, Heriot-Watt University, UK
Graham Yielding, Badley Geoscience Ltd, UK

Editorial Board

Andrew Aplin, Durham University, UK
Stuart Archer, University of Aberdeen, UK
Mike Bacon, Ikon Science, UK
Andrei Belopolsky, Premier Oil, UK
Giovanni Bertotti, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands
Jean-Jacques Biteau, Total, France
Knut Bjørlykke, University of Oslo, Norway
Stuart Buck, Task Geoscience Ltd, UK
Stuart D. Burley, Murphy Sabah Oil Co, Malaysia
Mike Christie, Heriot-Watt University, UK
Jonathan Craig, Eni E&P, Italy
David Deming, University of Oklahoma, USA
Tony Doré, Statoil, USA
Peter Dromgoole, Statoil, UK
Stephen Flint, University of Liverpool, UK
Al Fraser, Imperial College, London, UK
Mark Geluk, Shell International, Australia
Neil Goulty, Durham University, UK
Paul Green, Geotrack International, Australia
Tim Harper, Geosphere Ltd, UK
Shane Hattingh, ERC Equipoise, UK
Adolfo Henriquez, Henriquez Consulting, Norway
David Hill, WesternGeco, UK
Peter Japsen, Geological Survey of Denmark & Greenland (GEUS), Denmark
David Jolley, University of Aberdeen, UK
John Kaldi, University of Adelaide, Australia
Dave Larue, Chevron Corp., USA
Mike Lentini, Independant
Mike Lovell, University of Leicester, UK
Alister MacDonald, Roxar, Norway
Alain Mascle, Institut Français du Pétrole, France
Ann Muggeridge, Imperial College London, UK
Paul Nadeau, Statoil, Norway
Rod Nourse, Shell International E&P, The Netherlands
Frank Peel, National Oceanographic Centre, UK
Jo Prigmore, Atlantic Petroleum, UK
Wolfgang Schollnberger, Independent, USA
Iain Scotchman, Statoil (UK) Ltd, UK
Roman Spitzer, OMV, Austria
Bruce Trudgill, Colorado School of Mines, USA
Jonathan Turner, BG Group, UK
Ole Vejbaek, Hess, Denmark
Kate Whidden, United States Geological Survey, USA
Rachel Wood, University of Edinburgh, UK

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Petroleum Geoscience is published by EAGE and the Geological Society of London. An institutional subscription is available via the Geological Society of London.


Our journal Petroleum Geoscience is also available for institutional subscribers via EarthDoc, EAGE's geoscience database.

For more information about an institutional subscription on Petroleum Geoscience and other EAGE journals, please contact EAGE's Account Manager Subscriptions:

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Volume 22, Number 3, August 2016

211  | Carbon dioxide storage in the Captain Sandstone aquifer: determination of in situ stresses and fault-stability analysis
John D.O Williams, Mark W. Fellgett and Martyn F. Quinn

223| Deposition, diagenesis and reservoir potential of non-carbonate sedimentary rocks from the rift section of Campos Basin, Brazil
G. Armelenti, K. Goldberg, J. Kuchle and L.F. De Ros

241| Grid-free petroleum reservoir characterization with truncated pluri-Gaussian simulation: Hekla case study
Yevgeniy ZagayevskiY and Clayton V. Deutsch

257| New theoretical model for predicting and modelling fractures in folded fractured reservoirs
Ali M. Gholipour, John W. Cosgrove and Mike Ala