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Local Chapters


Local Chapters


Great work is carried out by EAGE Local Chapters worldwide. Every year EAGE reviews the quality of their activities and their members’ engagement, and honours the most active Chapters by assigning the Best Local Chapter Prizes.

These awards consist of a cash prize equivalent to 1,000 EUR to be used for further Local Chapter activities. 

Two prize categories are available:

  • Best EAGE Local Chapter: presented to a LC established since more than 2 years
  • Best EAGE Local Chapter “Newcomer”: presented to a LC established since 2 years or less

All Local Chapters should submit their annual reports by the end of March to participate in the selection by using the template provided by EAGE. The winners, as evaluated by the EAGE Cooperation and Membership Committee, are announced at the EAGE Annual Conference.

YearBest Local ChapterBest Local Chapter “Newcomer”
2024LC ParisLC Kuwait
2023LC Netherlands/
2022LC LondonLC Germany
2021LC ParisLC Netherlands
2020LC MadridLC Tomsk-Krasnoyarsk-Novosibirsk
2019LC AberdeenLC Nigeria
2018LC Azerbaijan, LC St. PetersburgLC London
2017LC HungaryLC Pau
2016LC China, LC Serbia /
2015LC Greece/
2014LC Azerbaijan, LC Kiev/
2013LC Serbia /


2024 Winners of the Best Local Chapter Prizes

EAGE Local Chapters are portals into local communities, and we are extremely proud of the work they’ve done this year.

For the “Newcomer” category, we recognize Local Chapter Kuwait, which worked hard to support their students and young professionals, as well as diversity and local projects. They also worked closely with the EAGE Office in the Middle East to support the first EAGE event in their country after COVID. 

The winner of the title “Best Local Chapter of the Year” is Local Chapter Paris. This group excelled for cooperation and community building, particularly in the domains of the energy transition.


Past winners of the EAGE Best Local Chapter Prizes

2023. When members’ communities succeed, the entire Association has a reason to celebrate. EAGE is all about fostering communications, fellowship and cooperation among geoscientists and engineers, and there is a group that truly embodied this mission and endeavoured to create new connections and support members in their area. It’s the winner of the 2023 “Best Local Chapter of the Year” Prize: Local Chapter Netherlands!

LC Netherlands started off in 2019, a long awaited touch point for the large community of EAGE members in the country. The following two years were a challenging time for all our communities worldwide but LC Netherlands stayed active with a variety of online and hybrid initiatives that enabled them to engage numerous professionals and dive into new topics. Over the 2022-2023 period, with in-person meetings coming back, this Chapter found new ways to encourage teambuilding and to engage new members with the Association, reaching out particularly to students and young professionals. Earlier this year they welcomed a new leadership team, which brought new energy as well as increased diversity – in terms of expertise, sector, age, etc – to reflect the community revolving around them.

The Prize – a contribution of 1000 EUR towards future activities of the local community – was presented to the Chapter at the EAGE Annual in Vienna. We can’t wait to see what’s next for this group!


2022. While their work continued primarily online in 2022, several EAGE Local Chapters worldwide succeeded in growing and creating new connections, which helped in keeping EAGE members connected, despite the ongoing pandemic and travel restrictions.

LC London was awarded the Best Local Chapter of the Year for their impressive ongoing series of technical meetings and new collaborations.

LC Germany received the Best Local Chapter “Newcomer” Prize for their hard work in connecting one of our largest and most widespread communities.

Congratulations to all and thank you for your continuous support!

2021. 2021 was another challenging year for our communities worldwide and during this time Local Chapters have been a precious support for the EAGE global community. Despite the lockdown, many of these groups have managed to continue their activities online, and by doing so they succeeded in creating new important connections among existing and new members.

The winner of the 2021 Best LC Prize in the category “Newcomer” is Local Chapter Netherlands, for their uninterrupted activity and outreach involving collaborations with several other Local Chapters and technical interest communities.

Local Chapter Paris, established in 2018, received the Best Local Chapter prize for their work featuring a great number of specialists delivering high quality technical talks at their meetings in the past 12 months.

2020. Despite the challenges posed by the COVID pandemic, Local Chapters worldwide stayed active throughout 2020 and in many cases even managed to grow. LC Tomsk-Krasnoyarsk-Novosibirsk was established in November 2019 and quickly distinguished itself for a number of initiatives for students and professionals, particularly their mobility programme facilitating knowledge exchange between members in the three cities. For this reason they were selected as the winners of the 2020 Best LC Prize in the category “Newcomer”.

LC Madrid received the Best Local Chapter prize for their excellent cross-community activity between 2019 and 2020, including collaborations with multiple key stakeholders in the country and paving the way for the 83rd EAGE Annual Conference & Exhibition planned in Spain.

Best Local Chapters

2019. LC Aberdeen was awarded as EAGE Best Local Chapter 2019: regular monthly events, collaborations with local Associated Societies and constant members engagement distinguished this Chapter after only 2 years since its establishment. We look forward to hearing about their next activities!

Among 4 competing Chapters, LC Nigeria received the Best Local Chapter prize in the “Newcomer” category of 2019. The prize was awarded in recognition of their exceptional ability to engage EAGE members in the area – especially young professionals and students – and to organize a number of technical meetings in the short time since their establishment in November 2018.

2018. In consideration of the several outstanding applications, in 2018 EAGE decided to award not one but two Best Local Chapters: LC Azerbaijan and LC St Petersburg.

In 2017, LC Azerbaijan organized 2 conferences, 3 workshops and 3 fieldtrips with attention not only to its professional members but also students. Their active networking with local stakeholders and media communications proved very effective in consolidating a great team and a consistent following. This Local Chapter is currently working on promoting the setup Student Chapter at the UFAZ University. LC St Petersburg was active with webinars, field classes and workshops as well as joint activities with local societies, universities and companies. For 2018 they plan on increasing their activities including lectures for students, new workshops and more webinars with EAGE.

6 Chapters competed in the “Newcomer” category, which is reserved to LC established within the past 1 year. Among very promising groups, LC London was selected as the winner with already over 340 members and established connections with local universities, societies and companies. In 2017, LC London organized 10 events – 6 evening talks and 4 social/networking activities – with 50 participants on average each time. Congratulations LC London!


Siddharth Misra


Prof Dr Siddharth Misra’s research focuses on improving subsurface characterization and prospect evaluation for the exploration of hydrocarbons, minerals and water resources.

His major contribution is in the theory of electromagnetic responses of geological formations to various charge polarization phenomena. The theory has enabled him to introduce a multi-frequency electromagnetic log-inversion technique to remove dielectric effects for improved estimation of hydrocarbon pore volume.


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