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Net Zero and Carbon Neutral Concepts Net Zero Emissions Goals Weather neutral long-term strategy.

EAGE Coaching Programme

Are you a geoscientist looking to pivot your career, improve self mastery and explore new opportunities? Look no further! Whether you are a young or

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EAGE Ballot 2023

Congratulations to the new members of the EAGE Board introduced on 7 June during the AGMM in the 84th EAGE Annual Conference & Exhibition in

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EAGE Digitalization Hub

In the incredibly fast-paced digital transformation era we are living in, EAGE recognizes the importance of keeping you informed of all the opportunities available via

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photo contest

2022 EAGE/EFG Photo Contest

Photo enthusiasts, listen up: We’re currently welcoming submissions for the EAGE/EFG Photo Contest 2022. This year’s theme is Legends of Geoscience – all images that

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2022 Laurie Dake Challenge

Start 2022 with a challenge – the Laurie Dake Challenge: an EAGE’s prestigious student team competition! The application window for the 2022 Laurie Dake Challenge

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Energy Transition

EAGE Energy Transition Hub

There are enormous opportunities for geoscientists and engineers in the energy transition. As the leading multidisciplinary geoscience and engineering association, EAGE is a natural platform to

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Young Professionals

YP Summit 2021

Gerardo Gaitan (Royal Holloway, University of London), explains what the Third Young Professionals Summit scheduled for 18-19 November 2021 is all about. Young professionals (YPs),

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EAGE 2021 – Thursday Recap

After last night’s conference evening we’re already nearing the end of the 82nd EAGE Conference & Exhibition. Thursday’s programme looked ahead not only to the

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2021 Minus CO2 Challenge

The application window for the 2021 EAGE Minus CO2 Challenge has just been opened. The prestigious challenge, in which teams from around the globe compete

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Ecology concept with green city on earth, World environment and sustainable development concept, vector illustration

World Environment Day 2021

Geoscience and engineering have a front row seat in studying and understanding our living environment. To stress the importance of this process, 5 June has

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Earth Day 2021

Restore our Earth – this year’s Earth Day theme resonates well within the EAGE community. After all, our community plays a key role solving challenges

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waterfall wow

World Water Day 2021

22 March is World Water Day, the dedicated UN observance day on the importance of (fresh) water. Our community plays a key role in providing

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Education Packages

We have seen a growing interest in our education offerings, with members attending multiple courses throughout a year. To help you save on registration fees

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EAGE Communities operate within the Association with the mission of empowering members in knowledge and experience exchange, as well as offering mutual support in various

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Learning Geoscience

Education is key to EAGE’s mission to promote the development and application of geosciences and engineering. Since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, online education

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Siddharth Misra


Prof Dr Siddharth Misra’s research focuses on improving subsurface characterization and prospect evaluation for the exploration of hydrocarbons, minerals and water resources.

His major contribution is in the theory of electromagnetic responses of geological formations to various charge polarization phenomena. The theory has enabled him to introduce a multi-frequency electromagnetic log-inversion technique to remove dielectric effects for improved estimation of hydrocarbon pore volume.


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