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Introducing the New EAGE Energy Transition Hub

Start your Energy Transition Journey

There are enormous opportunities for geoscientists and engineers in the energy transition. As the leading multidisciplinary geoscience and engineering association, EAGE is a natural platform to accompany this process.

Our members worldwide are already active in a variety of projects, events, publications, courses and communities focused on the energy transition. To help you stay in the loop of it all, we’re launching our Energy Transition Hub: a place where you can find all relevant EAGE opportunities in one place:

  • Conferences and workshops: to present your work to our global network;
  • Education: dedicated training programmes to empower your career choices and transferrable skills;
  • Resources: an extensive database to strengthen your research, opportunities for publishing and more;
  • Communities: initiatives by our technical groups and for students;
  • Support: resources to engage with EAGE opportunities throughout your career.

Discover the EAGE Energy Transition Hub

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