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Corporate Calendar


Corporate Calendar

This corporate agenda has been created for planning purposes of our clients, it contains events that have been confirmed or are being planned.

Please contact corporate relations for more information on how to participate in our events.

EventTopicEvent TypeLocationDateDurationCall for Abstracts
EAGE Workshop on Advanced Petroleum Systems Assessments - In pursuit of Differentiated BarrelsMultidisciplinaryWorkshopKuala Lumpur, Malaysia0000030 Jul 20242 days2024Q3AsiaConfirmed0001029 May 2024
Third EAGE Conference on Carbon Capture and Storage PotentialEnergy TransitionConferencePerth, Australia0000112 Aug 20242 days2024Q3AustraliaConfirmed0000215 Apr 2024
1st EAGE/SUT Workshop on Integrated Site Characterization for Offshore Wind in Asia PacificMultidisciplinaryWorkshopPerth, Australia0000214 Aug 20242 days2024Q3AustraliaConfirmed0000817 May 2024
4th EAGE Workshop on Fiber Optic Sensing for Energy ApplicationsMultidisciplinaryWorkshopPerth, Australia0000314 Aug 20242 days2024Q3AustraliaConfirmed0000420 Apr 2024
ECMOR 2024
European Conference on the Mathematics of Geological Reservoirs
EngineeringConferenceOslo, Norway000042 Sep 20244 days2024Q3EuropeConfirmed0000108 Feb 2024
Fourth EAGE Marine Acquisition WorkshopExploration Hot SpotsWorkshopOslo, Norway000052 Sep 20243 days2024Q3EuropeConfirmed0000525 Apr 2024
Near Surface Geoscience Conference & Exhibition 2024Near Surface GeoscienceConference & ExhibitionHelsinki, Finland000068 Sep 20245 days2024Q3EuropeConfirmed0000625 Apr 2024
First EAGE Workshop on The Role of AI in FWIMultidisciplinaryWorkshopCartagena, Colombia0000712 Sep 20242 days2024Q3South AmericaConfirmed0002115 Jul 2024
Eighth EAGE High Performance Computing WorkshopDigitalizationWorkshopKAUST, Saudi Arabia0000816 Sep 20243 days2024Q3Middle EastConfirmed0001122 Jun 2024
Fourth EAGE Conference on Pre-Salt ReservoirExploration Hot SpotsConferenceRio de Janeiro, Brazil0000917 Sep 20243 days2024Q3South AmericaConfirmed0001805 Jul 2024
Third EAGE Workshop on EOREngineeringWorkshopBuenos Aires, Argentina000103 Oct 20242 days2024Q4South AmericaConfirmed0001228 Jun 2024
EAGE Workshop on Naturally Fractured Rocks (NFR)GeologyWorkshopMuscat, Oman000116 Oct 20243 days2024Q4Middle EastConfirmed0000725 Apr 2024
Third EAGE Conference on Seismic InversionGeophysicsConferenceNaples, Italy0001214 Oct 20243 days2024Q4EuropeConfirmed0000919 May 2024
EAGE Conference on Energy Excellence: Digital Twins and Predictive AnalyticsDigitalizationConferenceKuala Lumpur, Malaysia0001315 Oct 20242 days2024Q4AsiaConfirmed0002225 Jul 2024
Third EAGE Workshop on Advanced Seismic Solutions in the Gulf of MexicoExploration Hot SpotsWorkshopMexico City, Mexico0001416 Oct 20242 days2024Q4South AmericaConfirmed0002301 Aug 2024
EAGE Workshop on Borehole Technologies - Pioneering Sustainable Solutions in EnergyEngineeringWorkshopHangzhou, China0001529 Oct 20242 days2024Q4AsiaConfirmed0002615 Aug 2024
EAGE Carbon Capture & Storage Conference
Part of GET 2024
Energy TransitionConferenceRotterdam, Netherlands000164 Nov 20244 days2024Q4EuropeConfirmed0001330 Jun 2024
EAGE Geothermal Energy Conference
Part of GET 2024
Energy TransitionConferenceRotterdam, Netherlands000174 Nov 20244 days2024Q4EuropeConfirmed0001430 Jun 2024
EAGE Hydrogen & Energy Storage Conference
Part of GET 2024
Energy TransitionConferenceRotterdam, Netherlands000184 Nov 20244 days2024Q4EuropeConfirmed0001530 Jun 2024
EAGE Offshore Wind Energy Conference
Part of GET 2024
Energy TransitionConferenceRotterdam, Netherlands000194 Nov 20244 days2024Q4EuropeConfirmed0001630 Jun 2024
Fifth EAGE Global Energy Transition Conference & Exhibition (GET 2024)
Accelerating the path to a sustainable energy future
Energy TransitionConference & ExhibitionRotterdam, Netherlands000204 Nov 20244 days2024Q4EuropeConfirmed0001730 Jun 2024
First EAGE Conference on Energy Opportunities in the CaribbeanMultidisciplinaryConference & ExhibitionPort of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago000216 Nov 20243 days2024Q4South AmericaConfirmed0001912 Jul 2024
2nd EAGE Workshop on Integrated Subsurface Characterization and ModelingMultidisciplinaryWorkshopKuala Lumpur, Malaysia0002212 Nov 20242 days2024Q4AsiaConfirmed0002014 Jul 2024
Asia Petroleum Geoscience Conference and Exhibition (APGCE) 2024MultidisciplinaryConference & ExhibitionKuala Lumpur, Malaysia0002320 Nov 20242 days2024Q4AsiaConfirmed0000317 Apr 2024
EAGE/SBGF First EAGE Conference on The Roadmap to Low Carbon Emission in BrazilEnergy TransitionConferenceRio de Janeiro, Brazil0002425 Nov 20243 days2024Q4South AmericaConfirmed0002502 Aug 2024
EAGE Workshop on Geothermal Energy in Latin AmericaEnergy TransitionWorkshopMexico City, Mexico000253 Dec 20243 days2024Q4South AmericaConfirmed0002401 Aug 2024
3rd SEG/EAGE Workshop on Geophysical Aspects of Smart CitiesMultidisciplinaryWorkshopSeoul, South Korea000263 Dec 20243 days2024Q4AsiaConfirmed0002705 Sep 2024
EAGE Workshop on Optimizing Upstream Excellence for Oil and Gas SuccessEngineeringWorkshopKuala Lumpur, Malaysia0002721 Jan 20252 days2025Q1AsiaConfirmed00033
EAGE Workshop on Carbon Capture in BasaltsEnergy TransitionWorkshopGandhinagar, India0002810 Feb 20252 days2025Q1AsiaConfirmed00034
First EAGE Workshop on the Triassic and Jurassic Plays in Northwest EuropeGeologyWorkshopUnited Kingdom0002927 Feb 20252 days2025Q1EuropeConfirmed0002901 Nov 2024
Fifth EAGE Digitalization Conference & ExhibitionMultidisciplinaryConference & Exhibition0003024 Mar 20253 days2025Q1Confirmed00035
23rd European IOR+ Symposium
23rd European Symposium on IOR
EngineeringConferenceEdinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom000312 Apr 20253 days2025Q2EuropeConfirmed0002801 Oct 2024
EAGE Workshop on Advanced Seismic Solutions for Complex Reservoir ChallengesMultidisciplinaryWorkshopKuala Lumpur, Malaysia0003229 Apr 20252 days2025Q2AsiaConfirmed0003030 Nov 2024
First EAGE Atlantic Geoscience Resource Exploration and Development Symposium
Atlantic Conjugate Margins and Their Global Significance In Our Energy Future
MultidisciplinaryConferenceMarrakech, Morocco000335 May 20253 days2025Q2AfricaConfirmed00036
86th EAGE Annual Conference & ExhibitionMultidisciplinaryConference & ExhibitionToulouse, France000342 Jun 20254 days2025Q2EuropeConfirmed00037
Near Surface Geoscience Conference & Exhibition 2025MultidisciplinaryConference & Exhibition000357 Sep 20255 days2025Q3Confirmed00038
IMOG 2025
32nd International Meeting on Organic Geochemistry
MultidisciplinaryConferencePorto, Portugal000367 Sep 20256 days2025Q3EuropeConfirmed00039
Second EAGE Conference and Exhibition on Guyana-Suriname BasinMultidisciplinaryConference & ExhibitionGeorgetown, Guyana000379 Sep 20253 days2025Q3South AmericaConfirmed00040
Seventh International Conference on Fault and Top SealsGeologyConferenceBucharest, Romania0003814 Sep 20255 days2025Q3EuropeConfirmed00041
Sixth EAGE Borehole Geology WorkshopGeologyWorkshopStavanger, Norway0003922 Sep 20253 days2025Q3EuropeConfirmed0003114 Jan 2025
First EAGE Workshop on Geophysical Techniques for Monitoring CO2 StorageGeophysicsWorkshopCalgary, Alberta, Canada0004023 Sep 20252 days2025Q3North AmericaConfirmed00042
Eighth EAGE Borehole Geophysics WorkshopGeophysicsWorkshopAl Khobar, Saudi Arabia0004129 Sep 20253 days2025Q3Middle EastConfirmed00043
Ninth EAGE High Performance Computing WorkshopMultidisciplinaryWorkshopBarcelona, Spain00042October 20255 days2025Q4EuropeTo Be Confirmed00044
First EAGE Workshop on Fiber Optics SensingMultidisciplinaryWorkshopRio de Janeiro, Brazil000438 Oct 20252 days2025Q4South AmericaConfirmed00045
Second GEO 4.0 : Digitalization in Geoscience SymposiumMultidisciplinaryConference & ExhibitionAl Khobar, Saudi Arabia0004420 Oct 20254 days2025Q4Middle EastTo Be Confirmed00046
Second EAGE Conference on Offshore Energy Resources in the South AtlanticMultidisciplinaryConferenceMontevideo, Uruguay0004521 Oct 20253 days2025Q4South AmericaConfirmed00047
EAGE/AAPG Workshop on Tectonostratigraphy of the Arabian Plate: Structural Evolution of the Arabian BasinsMultidisciplinaryWorkshopRiyadh, Saudi Arabia000463 Nov 20253 days2025Q4Middle EastTo Be Confirmed00048
Seventh EAGE Rock Physics WorkshopMultidisciplinaryWorkshopCape Town, South Africa0004710 Nov 20253 days2025Q4AfricaConfirmed0003214 Apr 2025
Third EAGE Workshop on Geothermal EnergyEnergy TransitionWorkshopGuanacaste, Costa Rica0004812 Nov 20253 days2025Q4South AmericaConfirmed00049
EAGE Eastern Mediterranean WorkshopMultidisciplinaryWorkshop0004917 Nov 20253 days2025Q4Confirmed00050
Third EAGE Seabed Seismic Today WorkshopGeophysicsWorkshopManama, Bahrain0005024 Nov 20253 days2025Q4Middle EastConfirmed00051

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Siddharth Misra


Prof Dr Siddharth Misra’s research focuses on improving subsurface characterization and prospect evaluation for the exploration of hydrocarbons, minerals and water resources.

His major contribution is in the theory of electromagnetic responses of geological formations to various charge polarization phenomena. The theory has enabled him to introduce a multi-frequency electromagnetic log-inversion technique to remove dielectric effects for improved estimation of hydrocarbon pore volume.


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