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Corporate Calendar


Corporate Calendar

This corporate agenda has been created for planning purposes of our clients, it contains events that have been confirmed or are being planned.

Please contact corporate relations for more information on how to participate in our events.

EventTopicEvent TypeLocationDateDuration
Confirmed84th EAGE Annual Conference & Exhibition
Securing a Sustainable Future Together
MultidisciplinaryConference & ExhibitionVienna, Austria000005 Jun 20234 days2023Q2Europe
Confirmed2nd EAGE Workshop on Fluid Flow in Faults and Fracture - Modelling, Uncertainty and RiskEnergy TransitionWorkshopCanberra, Australia0000115 Aug 20232 days2023Q3Australia
ConfirmedFirst EAGE Conference on Deepwater Equatorial Margin: New Energy Frontier for South AmericaGeologyConferenceRio de Janeiro, Brazil0000215 Aug 20233 days2023Q3South America
ConfirmedEAGE Workshop on Unlocking Carbon Capture and Storage PotentialEnergy TransitionWorkshopKuala Lumpur, Malaysia0000322 Aug 20232 days2023Q3Asia
ConfirmedNear Surface Geoscience Conference & Exhibition 2023Near Surface GeoscienceConference & ExhibitionEdinburgh, United Kingdom000043 Sep 20235 days2023Q3Europe
ConfirmedIMOG 2023
31st International Meeting on Organic Geochemistry
MultidisciplinaryConference & ExhibitionMontpellier, France0000510 Sep 20236 days2023Q3Europe
ConfirmedEAGE Conference on the Future of Energy - Role of Geoscience in the Energy TransitionEnergy TransitionConferenceKuala Lumpur, Malaysia0000612 Sep 20232 days2023Q3Asia
ConfirmedSecond EAGE Seabed Seismic Today Workshop
A New Era for Seabed Seismic
Exploration Hot SpotsWorkshopMilan, Italy0000718 Sep 20233 days2023Q3Europe
ConfirmedSeventh EAGE Borehole Geophysics Workshop
Technologies for securing a reliable and varied energy supply
GeophysicsWorkshopMilan, Italy0000818 Sep 20233 days2023Q3Europe
ConfirmedFirst EAGE Conference on South Atlantic Offshore Energy ResourcesGeologyConferenceMontevideo, Uruguay0000920 Sep 20233 days2023Q3South America
ConfirmedEAGE Seventh High Performance Computing WorkshopDigitalizationWorkshopLugano, Switzerland0001025 Sep 20233 days2023Q3Europe
ConfirmedIOR+ 2023
22nd European Symposium on Innovative and Optimised Resource Utilisation
EngineeringConferenceThe Hague, Netherlands000112 Oct 20233 days2023Q4Europe
ConfirmedFirst EAGE Workshop on Hydrogen & CCS in LATAMEnergy TransitionWorkshopMedellin, Colombia000125 Oct 20232 days2023Q4South America
ConfirmedEAGE Workshop on Data Science - From Fundamentals to OpportunitiesDigitalizationWorkshopKuala Lumpur, Malaysia0001317 Oct 20232 days2023Q4Asia
ConfirmedFirst EAGE Workshop on Water FootprintMultidisciplinaryWorkshopBogotá, Colombia0001419 Oct 20232 days2023Q4South America
Confirmed2nd EAGE/Aqua Foundation Second Indian Near Surface Geophysics Conference & ExhibitionNear Surface GeoscienceConference & ExhibitionNew Delhi, India000157 Nov 20232 days2023Q4Asia
ConfirmedThird EAGE Workshop on Mineral Exploration in Latin America "The Role of Mining in the Energy Transition"Energy TransitionWorkshopSantiago de Chile, Chile000169 Nov 20232 days2023Q4South America
ConfirmedEAGE GET 2023Energy TransitionConference & ExhibitionParis, France0001714 Nov 20234 days2023Q4Europe
Confirmed3rd EAGE Workshop on Fiber Optic Sensing for Energy ApplicationsExploration Hot SpotsWorkshopChengdu, China0001815 Nov 20233 days2023Q4Asia
ConfirmedSecond EAGE Workshop on Geothermal in Latin AmericaEnergy TransitionWorkshopGuanacaste, Costa Rica0001915 Nov 20233 days2023Q4South America
ConfirmedFifth EAGE Borehole Geology WorkshopGeologyWorkshopAl Khobar, Saudi Arabia0002021 Nov 20233 days2023Q4Middle East
Confirmed2nd EAGE Workshop on Quantifying Uncertainty in Depth ImagingGeophysicsWorkshopKuala Lumpur, Malaysia0002121 Nov 20232 days2023Q4Asia
ConfirmedFifth EAGE Conference on Petroleum GeostatisticsMultidisciplinaryConferencePorto, Portugal0002227 Nov 20234 days2023Q4Europe
ConfirmedFourth EAGE/AAPG Hydrocarbon Seals Workshop 2023
Innovation in Hydrocarbon Seals & Sustainability Practices
EngineeringWorkshopAl Khobar, Saudi Arabia0002328 Nov 20233 days2023Q4Middle East
To Be ConfirmedFourth EAGE Eastern Mediterranean Workshop
Fourth Eastern Mediterranean Workshop
EngineeringWorkshop00024December 20235 days2023Q4
To Be ConfirmedGeoBaku
Geology of the Caspian Sea
Exploration Hot SpotsConferenceBaku, Azerbaijan000255 Dec 20234 days2023Q4Europe
ConfirmedEAGE Workshop on New Discoveries in Mature BasinsMultidisciplinaryWorkshopKuala Lumpur, Malaysia0002630 Jan 20242 days2024Q1Asia
ConfirmedFirst EAGE Data Processing WorkshopMultidisciplinaryWorkshop0002726 Feb 20243 days2024Q1
To Be ConfirmedFirst EAGE Data Processing Workshop 2024GeophysicsWorkshopCairo, Egypt0002826 Feb 20243 days2024Q1Africa
ConfirmedFourth EAGE Digitalization Conference & ExhibitionDigitalizationConference & ExhibitionParis, France0002925 Mar 20243 days2024Q1Europe
To Be ConfirmedFirst EAGE North Atlantic Conjugate Margins ConferenceMultidisciplinaryConferenceMarrakech, Morocco000306 May 20243 days2024Q2Africa
Confirmed6th Asia Pacific Meeting on Near Surface Geoscience and EngineeringNear Surface GeoscienceConferenceTsukuba, Japan0003113 May 20243 days2024Q2Asia
Confirmed85th EAGE Annual Conference & ExhibitionMultidisciplinaryConference & ExhibitionOslo, Norway0003210 Jun 20245 days2024Q2Europe
Confirmed3rd EAGE Workshop on Carbon Capture and StorageMultidisciplinaryWorkshopPerth, Australia0003312 Aug 20242 days2024Q3Australia
Confirmed4th EAGE Workshop on Fiber Optic Sensing for Energy ApplicationsMultidisciplinaryWorkshopPerth, Australia0003414 Aug 20242 days2024Q3Australia
To Be ConfirmedEight EAGE High Performance Computing WorkshopDigitalizationWorkshopKAUST, Saudi Arabia00035September 20245 days2024Q3Middle East
ConfirmedThird EAGE Workshop on Advanced Seismic Solutions in the Gulf of MexicoMultidisciplinaryWorkshopMexico000365 Sep 20242 days2024Q3South America
ConfirmedEight EAGE High Performance Computing WorkshopMultidisciplinaryWorkshop0003724 Sep 20243 days2024Q3
To Be ConfirmedFifth Naturally Fractured Reservoirs WorkshopMultidisciplinaryWorkshopMuscat, Oman00038October 20245 days2024Q4Middle East
ConfirmedThird EAGE Workshop on EORMultidisciplinaryWorkshopRio de Janeiro, Brazil0003910 Oct 20242 days2024Q4South America
ConfirmedSecond EAGE Workshop on Water FootprintMultidisciplinaryWorkshop0004024 Oct 20242 days2024Q4
ConfirmedFourth EAGE Conference on Pre-Salt ReservoirMultidisciplinaryConferenceRio de Janeiro, Brazil0004120 Nov 20243 days2024Q4South America
To Be ConfirmedNinth EAGE Arabian Plate Geology WorkshopGeologyWorkshopKuwait City, Kuwait0004226 Nov 20243 days2024Q4Middle East

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Siddharth Misra


Prof Dr Siddharth Misra’s research focuses on improving subsurface characterization and prospect evaluation for the exploration of hydrocarbons, minerals and water resources.

His major contribution is in the theory of electromagnetic responses of geological formations to various charge polarization phenomena. The theory has enabled him to introduce a multi-frequency electromagnetic log-inversion technique to remove dielectric effects for improved estimation of hydrocarbon pore volume.


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