Smart Exploration is hitting the road running

EAGE is a proud partner to the Smart Exploration Project, an ambitious project with state-of-the-art solutions funded under the EU’s Horizon2020 scheme.  The project develops cost-effective, environmentally-friendly tools and methods for geophysical exploration in highly challenging areas. The project is ready to introduce its prototypes and methodologies on this exciting Canadian tour.


Smart Exploration Tour

Join the Minus CO2 Challenge 2020

After the great success of the Minus CO2 Challenge 2019, the EAGE Green Fund is promoting the participation of students in the Energy Transition conference and inviting them to participate in the Minus CO2 Student Challenge 2020. This competition aims to encourage innovation and environmental awareness amongst the next generation of geoscientists and engineers.

EAGE Students and the Green Fund invite university teams of three to five students to apply from 20th February to 20 March 2020.

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