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2021 Minus CO2 Challenge

The application window for the 2021 EAGE Minus CO2 Challenge has just been opened. The prestigious challenge, in which teams from around the globe compete on a project related to energy transition and climate change, is accepting submissions up to 30 September. Students have the chance to

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2021 Award Winners Unveiled

A year has passed and we are all looking forward to discovering the winners of the 2021 EAGE Awards! Don’t worry, you will not have to wait much longer: the names of the 4 Achievement Awards nominees and the 5 Best Paper Awards authors have

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What we have to offer

As a global association, EAGE offers a range of means to connect to geoscience and engineering professionals, resources and benefits to help our community prosper. Whether you are looking for a new platform to present your research, meet other specialists in your field or are looking for your next steps in future education, EAGE has you covered.


Learning Geoscience

Education is key to EAGE’s mission to promote the development and application of geosciences and engineering. Since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, online education

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EAGE Communities operate within the Association with the mission of empowering members in knowledge and experience exchange, as well as offering mutual support in various

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