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EAGE Digital Newsletters


EAGE Digital Newsletters

The digital transformation is introducing new applications of A.I and machine learning in the fields of geoscience and engineering. This generates new opportunities for improving the way we deal with and the value we gain from geoscience data. We want to bring those opportunities to you and to support our members with the learning tools to meet their goals. That’s why we created this dedicated newsletter: jump on board and receive the most important updates from the EAGE digital world every month!

This newsletter is available to anyone interested. If you are not an EAGE member but want to receive our updates, sign up below.

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You can catch up with previous editions of the EAGE Digital Newsletter below:

Digital Newsletter #7 – January 2021 

Join or Renew your Membership Today | Finalize your Abstracts for the 2021 Annual Conference | First Two Extensive Online Courses on Machine Learning | Join 2021 Laurie Dake Challenge | Get Ready for the 2nd EAGE Digitalization Conference & Exhibition | Only a few Days Left to Join the Discussions on Machine Learning at a Reduced Fee | First EAGE Digital Subsurface Conference in Latin America: Call for Abstracts is now Open | Join the A.I. Community in 2021 | Publish in First Break | EAGE Extends EarthDoc Reach with Machine Learning Partnerships

Digital Newsletter #6 – December 2020 

Addressing Digitalization at the EAGE Annual 2020 Online | Data in Near Surface Geoscience 2020 | Renew your Membership Today! | We’ve Opened the Call for Abstracts for the 2021 Annual Conference | What is the Value of Data in Earth Sciences? | Two Workshops Coming Soon Online under the Sign of Digitalization | Discover the latest developments in Geophysical Monitoring Technologies at EAGE GeoTech 2021 | What Artificial Intelligence can do for Geoscience

Digital Newsletter #5 – November 2020 

Data, Computer Science, and Digitalization at the EAGE 2020 Annual Conference & Exhibition | Data in Near-Surface Geophysics at NSG2020 | Insights on Geostatistical Concepts and Algorithms in Geomodelling Workflows | EAGE Digital 2020 Approaching Soon! | Online Event on Active Integration of Sub-surface Data: Building the Bridge from Geophysics to Well and Reservoir Management | What Artificial Intelligence can do for Geoscience | Reading on Stochastic Reservoir Modelling

Digital Newsletter #4 – October 2020 

Welcome to EAGE Digital 2020 – Now Online | More Insights on Geostatistics | Data Science in Oil & Gas Conference is Fast Approaching | Workshop on Applied Data Science | Communities at Work Around A.I. | Still time to Submit Your Nominations to the 2021 Awards | Reading on Digital Geology

Digital Newsletter #3 – September 2020 

A Strategic and a Technical Workshop Coming Soon in Vienna under the Sign of Digitalization | Join Upcoming Online Interactive Short Courses on Data Science | Data Science Goes to Moscow | EAGE & SEG Workshop to Focus on Smart Cities | A.I. and Machine Learning under the Spotlight in Amsterdam | Back to the Future with an e-Summit Flashback | Communities at Work Around A.I.

Digital Newsletter #2 – August 2020 

EAGE Digital 2020: Technical Programme at a Glance | Data Science is Back on the Calendar: Join Upcoming Online Interactive Short Course | Learn more about Data, Computer Science, and Digitalization at the EAGE Annual 2020 | 17th European Conference on the Mathematics of Oil Recovery Now Online | Two Months of Opportunities for AI and Machine Learning | Learn How Digital Transformation Using Subsurface Data Creates Value in O&G Industry | August Student e-Summit on Digitalization | Leveraging Geophysics with AI: Join the Next Community Event | EAGE Communities Embrace Digitalization | More Papers on Digitalization on First Break

Digital Newsletter #1 – July 2020 

Define Future of Energy at EAGE Digital 2020 | Step Into Data Science through EAGE Interactive Online Short Courses | Add Machine Learning Tools to Your Portfolio | Introducing the First Digital Subsurface Conference for Asia Pacific | Coders Welcome | The 2021 Awards Await Your Nominations | Join the Network of EAGE A.I. Professionals | First Break Special Topic July 2020 “Machine Learning”



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