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You are invited to take part in the EAGE Board Ballot 2021

Make your vote count in the annual Board member election

The annual EAGE Board elections are due to take place, with voting online beginning from 1 May to 1 June 2021. The Board is responsible for developing appropriate policies to achieve the objectives of EAGE in the interests of its members. We therefore invite all members to participate in the 2021 Ballot, as this is an important opportunity for you to have a say in how the Association is run on your behalf.

This year you can vote for candidates in the positions of Vice President, Publication Officer and Vice-chair O&G Geoscience Division, to be filled from June 2021.

Here you will find short biographies and motivation words from all the candidates to help with your voting decisions.

A personalized invitation with instructions on how to vote was sent directly to all members. We are looking forward to having your vote in this year’s ballot.

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           First Break           EarthDoc