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Short Courses

In-House Training

Short Courses

In-House Training

EAGE has an array of new and exciting short courses on offer. And through our in-house training, we bring EAGE Education to you!

You can request in-house training – now also available online – to be organized for your company, to meet the specific learning goals of your team. 

Just like our Interactive Online Short Courses, EAGE in-house training is designed to be easily digested over the course of multiple days and consists in live sessions by experts from industry and academia. Participants have the possibility to attend remotely, interact live with the instructors and ask questions.

Browse through the EAGE Catalogue to find the right course(s) for you or contact us for advice.

In-house courses are an exclusive opportunity for tailored education with leading experts of Geosciences. Upon request, courses delivered as in-house training can also be complemented by a consultation session with the instructor to apply the acquired knowledge.

In-house training is a flexible and cost-effective option for the continuous professional development of your company.
If you would like to request a course or for more information about discounted group registrations, email us today at!

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