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Learning Geoscience


Learning Geoscience


EAGE offers 2 types of webinars – the Distinguished Lecturer Programme (DLP) Webinars and the E-Lecture Webinars. Registration for both is free for EAGE members!

Upcoming Webinars

The Distinguished Lecturer Programme (DLP)

Every year the European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers selects the best presentations delivered at the EAGE Annual Conference for the Distinguished Lecturer Programme. Participation in this programme is voluntary and expands exponentially the reach of a lecture by making it available to the EAGE global community.
The selection of speakers realized during the Annual Conference guarantees high quality and state-of-the-art lectures covering recent researches. The lecturers admitted to the Programme remain available for 2 years and connect with hundreds of professionals worldwide. With this Programme, EAGE aims at encouraging the exchange of knowledge in Geosciences and the development of connections among professionals.

DLP Webinar Format

A webinars consists in a live online video connection of about one hour during which the lecturer delivers a talk to participants connected remotely in groups or individually.
After the lecture, the audience can interact with the lecturer in a Q&A session.

DLP Webinars on schedule

EAGE offers a calendar of programmed DLP webinars. This service is dedicated to EAGE members, who can attend the lecture individually or invite a group of participants to share the connection. All you need for attending a DLP webinar is a computer with fast Internet connection, audio and video capabilities.

DLP Webinars on demand

DLP webinars can also be requested by EAGE Local Chapters, Associated Societies and individual EAGE members free of charge. Requesting members are expected to bring together an audience of minimum 10 EAGE members. Beyond the required number of attendees, participation can be extended to other professionals interested in the webinar. Multiple locations can be connected as well.
Choose a title from the below list of available webinars and tell us when and where you would like to organize it: the Team of EAGE will be in touch with you as soon as possible for arranging the connection and schedule the instructor’s lecture at a mutually convenient time.

See available DLP webinars

E-Lecture Webinars

Close 100 EAGE’s E-Lectures, available for free via Learning Geosience, contain some really fascinating material as well as core building blocks for topics that span across the entire geoscience and engineering field. During the E-Lecture webinars, after having first watched the pre-recorded E-Lecture, registered participants will have the possibility to interact with the E-Lecture instructor in a live Q&A session.

Check out the Calendar for upcoming webinars


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