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About Events

Conferences & Exhibitions

About Events

Conferences & Exhibitions

Europe’s Largest Network of Multidisciplinary Geoscience Conferences

Every year, EAGE organises a large number of meetings for geoscience engineers, professionals and researchers. These include projects such as conferences, exhibitions and lecture tours for geoscience engineers and professionals.

EAGE Annual

The EAGE Annual Conference & Exhibition is the largest multidisciplinary geoscience event in Europe and one of the longest running geoscience conferences in the world having had its first edition in 1951. The EAGE Annual attracts close to 6,000 visitors from across the globe for a broad programme featuring: a technical conference, exhibition, field trips, educational courses and short workshops. The exhibition brings together many of the leading companies and institutions making this meeting an excellent space for building networks and partnerships. There are also a wide range of engaging social events and dedicated functions for students and young professionals.
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Near Surface Geoscience

The EAGE Near Surface Geoscience Conference & Exhibition (EAGE NSG) is our second largest multidisciplinary conference focused on all near surface aspects of the geosciences. The conference is held annually and is composed of a selection of parallel mini-conferences which rotate on a yearly basis. In addition to the exhibition, EAGE NSG is also characterised by the unique instrument and field demonstrations which take place each year.

Energy Transition

The EAGE Global Energy Transition Conference & Exhibition (EAGE GET) addresses all geoscientists, subsurface engineers, energy providers, the industrial sector, researchers and academics, public authorities and other stakeholders. EAGE GET gives a forum to exchange the knowledge about geothermal, CCS, energy storage and cross disciplines like hazardous (nuclear) waste storage, hydrogen/methane production and storage, geochemistry applications, risk and environmental impact analysis, offshore wind energy (turbine placement, engineering challenges, re-use of O&G platforms), etc.


The EAGE Digitalization Conference & Exhibition (EAGE Digital) is the latest multidisciplinary conference and EAGE’s exploration into the digital transformation of the geosciences. The conference is characterised by a focus on both the latest technical developments and accompanying strategic aspects of digital transformation. In addition to the exhibition, EAGE Digital also features an exciting two-day hackathon event.

Specialised Conferences

Regional and Topical meetings

In addition to the annual multidisciplinary conferences, EAGE also organises smaller conferences focused on specific disciplines, scientific topics or geographical areas. These conferences have a more narrow topic scope which allows for deeper scientific focus and more meaningful discussions. Specialised conferences are great for focused networking and interaction. These conferences are typically repeated on a 2 to 3 year cycle.

For a list of upcoming conferences, please visit the Calendar of Events.


Siddharth Misra


Prof Dr Siddharth Misra’s research focuses on improving subsurface characterization and prospect evaluation for the exploration of hydrocarbons, minerals and water resources.

His major contribution is in the theory of electromagnetic responses of geological formations to various charge polarization phenomena. The theory has enabled him to introduce a multi-frequency electromagnetic log-inversion technique to remove dielectric effects for improved estimation of hydrocarbon pore volume.


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