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EAGE Education


EAGE Education

EAGE offers a broad range of education opportunities both for young and experienced professionals in different areas of Geosciences. You can choose between online or classroom education, both public and inhouse, in a variety of formats.

Learning Geoscience

A new Online Learning platform:
We are thrilled to announce the launch of Learning Geoscience, EAGE’s online platform for education! The new platform gives members the possibility to follow the latest education in geoscience and engineering remotely through an integrated set of interactive, or self paced, learning tools and online courses of experienced instructors from industry and academia, as well as free learning materials, including e-lectures and webinars.

The platform is built on three core pillars:

New content is being added on a frequent basis. Discover more on

Education packages:
New! Education Packages for all online courses offered by EAGE, these Packages help you save on registration fees and better organize your learning path by selecting multiple courses to attend in a year. We currently offer packages of 3, 5 or 10 credits. Read more and find the right package for you here.

Classroom education:


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