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EAGE Near Surface Geoscience Newsletters


EAGE Near Surface Geoscience Newsletters

As many will know, near surface topics are represented through journals, events, communities and projects at EAGE. This newsletter collects the latest updates from our communities to allow you to get the most out of your engagement with EAGE.

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You can catch up with previous editions of the EAGE NSG Newsletter below:

NSG Newsletter #6 – December 2021 

EAGE Membership | 2022 Support Programmes | Submissions Now Open at Near Surface Geoscience Conference & Exhibition 2022 | Be Part of the Hybrid EAGE Annual 2022 | Near Surface Geophysics • Volume 19 • Issue 6 • December 2021 | New Extensive Course on Non-Seismic Methods | Recap a Year of our Near Surface Geoscience Communities | Submit your Abstract for the Second EAGE Geoscience Technologies and Applications Conference and Exhibition | Abstract Deadlines for KEGS, SAGEEP Coming up | Student Chapter Renewal | 2022 Laurie Dake Challenge: Deadline to Register Your Team Coming Soon | Give Back to the Community, Donate to the EAGE Student Fund | Submit Papers for First Break in 2022 | Christmas and NSG

NSG Newsletter #5 – October 2021 

EAGE Membership | Recap from NSG2021 | Mining & Civil Engineering and Integrated Subsurface at the EAGE Annual 2021 | Near Surface Geophysics • Volume 19 • Issue 5 • October 2021 | Question Corner: Location for a Future NSG Conference & Exhibition | Take Chance to Nominate Talents for the 2022 EAGE Awards | A New Season of Education Opportunities is Coming | Visit EAGE Community Hub | Student Activities (at the Annual) | Student Chapter Application | Young Professionals Headed Towards Multidisciplinary Career Summit 2021 | Join us Online for the Second Edition of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Workshop | Reserve your Virtual Seat for the First EAGE Conference on Near Surface in Latin America | Attend the 4th APAC NSGE Conference Virtually

NSG Newsletter #4 – August 2021 

Reunite at Near Surface Geophysicists 2021 | EAGE 2021 Honorary Membership Award Praises the Contribution in Near Surface Discipline | Many Happy Readings on Near Surface | Stay Sharp with our Education Courses | Visit EAGE Booth at the NSG Exhibition | Join our Near Surface Communities | Student Webinar ‘Confronting the Challenges of Reappraising Legacy Seismic Data’ | Explore the Technical Programme of the Second EAGE Workshop on Unmanned Aerial Vehicles | Conference to Focus on Realities and Possibilities of Near Surface in Latin America | Meeting on Near Surface in Asia Pacific | Cooperation Highlights: BGS 2021 Congress

NSG Newsletter #3 – June 2021 

Updates on the Near Surface Geoscience 2021 | Near Surface Geophysics • Volume 19 • Issue 3 • June 2021 | Bundle your Education Courses – Save up to 50% | We’ve Reached Some Great Landmarks with the Mineral Exploration Geophysics Community | Last Call to Share your Research at the UAV Workshop | First EAGE Conference on Near Surface in Latin America | Student Webinars | Join the Exhibition at NSG2021 | Get Visibility in First Break | Vote for Best Photo of the Year

NSG Newsletter #2 – April 2021 

NSG2021 Call for Abstracts Deadline Extended Until 2 May | Near Surface Geophysics • Volume 19 • Number 2 • April 2021 | Enhance your Knowledge on Near Surface Topics | UAV Workshop Opportunities Coming up | Recent Student e-Summit | Student Chapters | International Workshop at EngGeo Conference | Join the Exhibition at NSG2021 | Smart Exploration YP Group Event | EAGE e-Book Discounts

NSG Newsletter #1 – March 2021 

Get Ready with your Abstract for Near Surface Geoscience 2021 | Changes in NSG Leadership | Organize your Learning with New Education Packages | International Workshop Explores Russian-EU Scientific Cooperation | March Best of Sessions Bring European Expertise to North American Meetings | Student e-Summit Exploring Career Outlook for Geophysics in the Built Environment | Connect with our Near Surface Communities | Publish in our Journals | Stay Connected – Secure your 2021 EAGE Membership



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