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Exploring Nature's Solutions: The WUR Nature-based Future Challenge

In a world increasingly challenged by climate change and biodiversity loss, the search for innovative solutions has never been more critical. Wageningen University & Research (WUR), with the support of the EAGE Student Community, is stepping up to the plate with the inaugural international student competition known as the “Nature-based Future Challenge“. This event, set to launch in the Bengal Delta, Bangladesh, in November 2023, promises to be a groundbreaking initiative in the quest for a sustainable future.

The Nature-based Future Challenge is a dynamic international competition designed to harness the creativity and expertise of the next generation. Teams of students from around the globe are invited to participate in this exciting venture, where they will be tasked with visualizing the potential of nature-based solutions to address two of the greatest challenges of our time: climate change and biodiversity loss.

Taking place in the heart of the Bengal Delta, teams will leverage soil and water data, along with insights gathered from local stakeholders and experts. Their mission? To craft a compelling vision of Bangladesh in the year 2100, one that incorporates nature-based solutions. These visions will be conveyed through maps, illustrative renderings, and persuasive narratives of the future. The outcome of this challenge aims to provide inspiration and transformative pathways for decision-makers while offering a hopeful perspective to future generations.

You can enter the competition as a pre-formed team or register individually and be matched with a group of like-minded individuals. This challenge presents a unique opportunity to enhance your professional skills, gain insights from industry leaders and experts from NGO’s, governments, and academia spanning the Netherlands, Bangladesh, and beyond.

If you’re intrigued and eager to learn more about this transformative opportunity, we invite you to explore the Nature-based Future Challenge events page and mark your calendars for an online info-session on October 17th, at 3 PM CEST. This is your chance to get a deeper understanding of the challenge and how you can be part of a brighter, nature-inspired future.

Don’t miss out on the chance to be part of this historic initiative. Register for the Nature-based Future Challenge before November 19, 2023, and embark on a journey toward a more sustainable tomorrow.

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Siddharth Misra


Prof Dr Siddharth Misra’s research focuses on improving subsurface characterization and prospect evaluation for the exploration of hydrocarbons, minerals and water resources.

His major contribution is in the theory of electromagnetic responses of geological formations to various charge polarization phenomena. The theory has enabled him to introduce a multi-frequency electromagnetic log-inversion technique to remove dielectric effects for improved estimation of hydrocarbon pore volume.


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