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Two latest technical communities focus on seismic

The network of EAGE is expanding through two new special interest communities (SICs) dedicated to Seismic Acquisition and Seismic Interpretation. Both SICs intend to share know-how, experience, and expertise applied to relevant business and science. In the case of the Seismic Interpretation SIC, it will be a network which can also take account of latest technologies, algorithms, computational power, artificial intelligence and data analysis, which are at the confluence of this complex discipline today, both for conventional E&P and the emerging energy transition.

You are welcome to join the communities on LinkedIn to get involved in their conversations, find new contacts and possibly be the first to hear about relevant opportunities for your career path. Participation is open to all, including career professionals, researchers, academia and students, whether you are an EAGE member or not.

Connect with Seismic Acquisition community on LinkedIn

Connect with Seismic Interpretation community on LinkedIn

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