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EAGE Announcement on Climate Change

Board Statement

Following its recent adoption by the EAGE Board, we are herewith sharing EAGE Board’s Statement on Climate Change.


Climate change is of great significance to the world’s environment and is of great concern among the global citizenship. Its importance is reflected by international treaties such as the 2016 Paris Agreement on Climate change mitigation, adaptation and finance and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

A growing number of countries have accepted legislation that aims to significantly reduce their greenhouse gas emissions including net zero goals. In the corporate world many multi-national entities including a number of the supermajor oil and gas companies are committing to similar goals.

EAGE’s mission is to promote the development and application of the subsurface geosciences and related engineering subjects. EAGE, its members and its stakeholders are involved in many aspects of the exploration and production of oil and gas, near surface geosciences as well as a wide range of subjects that aim to mitigate the impact of climate change such as CO2 sequestration, geothermal energy, methane reduction, on and offshore geotechnical subsidence and foundation studies and hydrology.

EAGE has a long history of organizing climate change themed science and technology activities including dedicated workshops, conferences, publications, educational events, membership technical communities, student activities and the Green Fund.

The EAGE Board acknowledges that climate change is predominantly caused by human induced emissions of greenhouse gasses. The Board supports the action that is required to reduce the impact of climate change on our environment and society and it supports the aims of the 2016 Paris Agreement.

The EAGE Board recognizes that the EAGE is uniquely positioned to make a substantial contribution to reducing the impact of climate change. The EAGE Board has adopted a long-term strategy that includes expansion of its activities toward mitigation of the impact of climate change on the environment and society through:

  • organizing conferences, workshops and other events,
  • enhancing publication portfolio,
  • enhancing its educational courses,
  • strengthening the Association’s relevant Technical Communities.

The EAGE Board will work with our members, staff and stakeholders towards executing its climate change strategy.


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Siddharth Misra


Prof Dr Siddharth Misra’s research focuses on improving subsurface characterization and prospect evaluation for the exploration of hydrocarbons, minerals and water resources.

His major contribution is in the theory of electromagnetic responses of geological formations to various charge polarization phenomena. The theory has enabled him to introduce a multi-frequency electromagnetic log-inversion technique to remove dielectric effects for improved estimation of hydrocarbon pore volume.


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