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EarthDoc helps you to find the latest research and publications

Are you already using EarthDoc for your research?

Are you making the best of EAGE’s products and services whilst working from home? Make sure to tap into the online wealth of geoscientific knowledge that is EarthDoc, EAGE’s database of published conference abstracts, journal articles and papers from our associate societies. 

Work at home with EarthDoc!

It’s difficult to believe it’s almost a year since working from home became the reality for many of us. It may have its benefits, but access to scientific information may not necessarily be one. EarthDoc is with you in these times of Covid. 

Our online database brings together some of the most relevant and cutting-edge content from the energy industry and the wider geoscience world, bringing you new abstracts and articles from journals, workshops and conferences. EarthDoc expands every month, providing currently over 70,000 papers and articles for you to explore.

With many of us working from home currently, it’s good to know that EarthDoc works across all devices, with IP-address authenticated access from your smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC.

EarthDoc is available for individuals as part of your EAGE membership and as an institutional subscription for our corporate partners.

If you are not connected and you want to know how EarthDoc can help you and your organization, contact us via and start your free two-week trial now.


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           First Break           EarthDoc