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Special Interest Community Launch

EAGE and EAG cover new grounds for cooperation through geochemistry online community

EAGE is, in collaboration with EAG (the European Association of Geochemists), opening a new special interest community on Geochemistry. As a central topic featured in EAGE and EAG events, including Goldschmidt, the EAGE Annual and our GET conference, as well as publications, there’s a lot of ground to cover with this new initiative!

What can members of each society (or both) expect? A platform dedicated not only to those whose main focus is geochemistry, but also for everyone interested in geochemical applications that may contribute to their work. We especially invite you to join if you’d like to explore new opportunities in the field or if you are considering to pursue a career in geochemistry.

Just like our other special interest groups, the community will have a space in LinkedIn to connect. We look forward to seeing you there!

Connect to the Geochemistry Community on LinkedIn

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