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By joining the European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers you will become part of our international community. Membership of EAGE comes with a variety of services and benefits.

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Members can benefit from special rates for all EAGE’s conferences, workshops and educational programmes. Throughout the year, EAGE offers an extensive range of events for members to engage in, both online as well as in person. These include our conferences such as the Annual Conference & Exhibition, our NSG meetings and specialized workshops. The EAGE Calendar of Events has a full overview of the upcoming events, call for papers and registration deadlines.

Part of your EAGE membership benefits will be the subscription to First Break, featuring industry news, technical articles and the latest EAGE news. With a readership of over 41.000, it is one of the leading publications in the discipline. First Break has special monthly topics focusing on areas such as Land Seismic, Reservoir Monitoring and Energy Transition. Enjoy some of the most cutting-edge content from the industry!

EAGE Member Benefits include access to our EarthDoc Platform, the world’s most significant database of geoscience and engineering papers.

All members can enjoy access to the latest meeting proceedings. Furthermore, members will have access to the recent publications of the EAGE journal subscribed to. Access to content goes back to the last two years.

As you reach higher levels within the EAGE Membership Recognition Programme, you will have greater access to the full backlog of content. If you need quick access to earlier years, EAGE asks for a small contribution that will help us maintain and develop this important knowledge platform.

Students will have access to the entire backlog of proceedings of workshops and conferences, as well as earlier editions of the journal they subscribed to.

EAGE members gain access to the online versions of Basin Research, Geophysical Prospecting, Near Surface Geophysics or Petroleum Geoscience. Next to access to the latest edition of the journal, members will also receive access to the recent archived materials of the journal of choice. For an additional fee, members can also receive the journal in hard copy, subscribe to an additional journal and extended archive access.

Update EarthDoc: As of January 2020 your access to the EarthDoc Archive of your subscribed journals is based on Your Membership Recognition Level. To access the full archive of your journal, EAGE asks a small contribution towards the upkeep and development of the EarthDoc Database.

Student members will have full access to the full Archive of the journal of their choice.

Additional Online Journal€ 50€ 40€ 30€ 20€ 10
Full Journal Archive*€ 50€ 40€ 30€ 20€ 10

* Price is per journal, per year. All members already have access to a number of years of the archive based on their recognition level.

** As of January 2020 our journal Basin Research is no longer available in print. As of January 2021 our journal Petroleum Geoscience is no longer available in print.

Gain access to Learning Geoscience, EAGE’s portal for online education. EAGE members have unlimited access to a broad offer of online learning through e-courses, e-lectures and webinars.

For a complete overview of all learning provided through EAGE Education and more, please go to the Learning Geoscience website.

Receive discounts on EAGE books in our online bookshop and at our Annual Conference & Exhibition. The EAGE Bookshop contains over 350 titles and new books are added on a regular basis.The EAGE Bookshop showcases and sells its own publications and those of reputable publishing houses such as Cambridge University Press, Editions Technip, Elsevier and others. For those keen to start reading straight away, we also stock a large variety of e-books. Besides books, EAGE merchandise and event products are also available. Go to EAGE Bookshop for more information.

Access to Members Only webpage (including Member search). All EAGE members have access to the Membership-only section (My EAGE) on the EAGE website. This section includes a member search that allows members to find each other and get in touch. Members will get a login name and can choose a password in order to access this part of the EAGE website.

EAGE offers various forms of financial support to members, including through the PACE Programme and the Economic Hardship Programme.

Did you know that the EAGE Membership Recognition Programme is launched to recognize the loyalty of our members and the value they bring to the Association? The programme offers a number of additional member benefits based on the number of years you have been with the Association.

Learn more about the programme here.

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Each year, EAGE runs the mentoring programme. Supported by our Special Interest Communities, the programme allows for an informal engagement between our senior EAGE members with a well-established career and the next generation of leaders in the industry and academia.


Siddharth Misra


Prof Dr Siddharth Misra’s research focuses on improving subsurface characterization and prospect evaluation for the exploration of hydrocarbons, minerals and water resources.

His major contribution is in the theory of electromagnetic responses of geological formations to various charge polarization phenomena. The theory has enabled him to introduce a multi-frequency electromagnetic log-inversion technique to remove dielectric effects for improved estimation of hydrocarbon pore volume.


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