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Basin Research is published by IAS, Wiley Blackwell and EAGE.

Basin Research is an international journal which aims to publish original, high impact research papers on sedimentary basin systems. We view integrated, interdisciplinary research as being essential for the advancement of the subject area; therefore, we do not seek manuscripts focused purely on sedimentology, structural geology, or geophysics that have a natural home in specialist journals. Rather, we seek manuscripts that treat sedimentary basins as multi-component systems that require a multi-faceted approach to advance our understanding of their development. During deposition and subsidence we are concerned with large-scale geodynamic processes, heat flow, fluid flow, strain distribution, seismic and sequence stratigraphy, modelling, burial and inversion histories. In addition, we view the development of the source area, in terms of drainage networks, climate, erosion, denudation and sediment routing systems as vital to sedimentary basin systems. The underpinning requirement is that a contribution should be of interest to earth scientists of more than one discipline.

Impact Factor 2015: 2.800

Basin Research is indexed/abstracted in Current Contents, Geographical Abstracts: Physical Geography, Geological Abstracts, GeoRef and Scopus.

Basin Research is published 6 times a year.

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Cynthia Ebinger
Chris Jackson
Brian Horton
Isabel Montanez
Jeffrey Nunn

Editorial Advisory Board
P.A. Allen
D.W. Burbank
J. Cartwright
W. Cavazza
B.J. Coakley
P. DeCelles
A. Densmore
R. Dorsey
M.A. Ellis
P. Flemings
K. Gallagher
C.N. Garzione
B. Gomez
G. Hampson
S. Henriksen
N. Hovius
M. Kominz
T. Lawton
S. Planke
M. Scheck-Wenderoth
H.D. Sinclair
R.L. Slingerland
S. Willett
J. Vergés

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Volume 28 number 3 June 2016

299   | Fault-controlled fluid flow inferred from hydrothermal vents imaged in 3D seismic reflection data, offshore NW Australia
C. Magee, O.B. Duffy, K. Purnell, R.E. Bell, C.A.-L. Jackson and M.T. Reeve

319   | Sedimentary and thermal evolution of the Eocene-Oligocenemudrocks from the southwesternThrace Basin (NEGreece)
F. Perri, L. Caracciolo, F. Cavalcante, S. Corrado, S. Critelli, F. Muto and R. Dominici

340   |  Tectonic evolution of sedimentary basins of northern Somalia
M.Y. Ali and A.B. Watts

365   | Unraveling the Peruvian Phase of the Central Andes:stratigraphy, sedimentologyand geochronology of the Salar de Atacama Basin (22°30–23°S), northern Chile
S. Bascunan, C. Arriagada, J. Le Roux and K. Deckart

393   | Sequence hierarchy in aMesoproterozoic interior sag basin: frombasin fill to reservoir scale, the Tombador Formation,Chapada Diamantina Basin, Brazil
A. J. C. Magalhaes, G. P. Raja Gabaglia,C. M. S. Scherer, M. B. Ballico, F. Guadagnin, E. Bento Freire, L.R. Silva Born and O. Catuneanu