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Student Chapters

Establish your Student Chapter

Student Chapters

Establish your Student Chapter

Establishing your EAGE Student chapter

EAGE Student chapters are created by students in geosciences and engineering in any relevant university worldwide.

The purpose of EAGE Student Chapters is to promote geosciences in the Oil & Gas industry, Mining, Environmental and Civil Engineering, as well as promote global EAGE student activities within local regions. EAGE encourages its student chapters to be creative and work rigorously to become an essential part of local student communities by demonstrating a high level of interest in the future of this industry.

In order to do so, student chapters can rely on a range of support and benefits.

  • 15 student memberships
  • access to the EAGE Student Lecture Tour programme
  • EAGE support for your events and activities
  • dedicated online Geo Quiz

How to get started or to renew?

Read the Student Chapter regulations regulation document here

Our membership offering will be similar to what you were used to in 2020 – this means students will have access to our EarthDoc database, journal of choice, and other student benefits.

In 2021 we will be providing the First Break as an online publication to our student chapter members and sponsored students. Each month, you can expect a dedicated email on the latest issue of First Break. This will allow us to bring you the latest information on our student activities, as well as general updates, in a timely manner.

The following few steps need to be completed before the activation of the chapter. This procedure applies to both the new chapter and the renewal of chapters

In the case that you want to renew your chapter and you will receive the renewal, and you should have sent your reports and you should submit the application online following the next 4 steps.

Start your Student Chapter

The first step to take is to assign a Faculty Advisor (role description is in the regulation document). We advise Faculty Advisors to be an active member of EAGE. If the Faculty advisor is not a member, the advisor can apply for membership (50 euro per year) online. For membership related questions, please contact us through membership team.

Student Chapter Presidents can start there application here:

Start your Student Chapter

Each student chapter is provided with a special code.

1. Your chapter code can be found here: Student Chapter Application (for President only)

The code will look like this A1B-2C3.

Share this code with the students part of your student chapter. Please note we can provide a maximum of 15 EAGE supported student memberships (including the student chapter president), but the maximum number of paid students is not limited, although the form would only allow a maximum of 20. Please email the rest of the names to us.

The Faculty Advisor and the President of the Chapter are the first contacts for EAGE communication and announcements on activities (role description is in the regulation document).

The future President of the Chapter is responsible for establishing (and renewing) the student chapter. After starting the process, the president will receive a 6 character code, which should be shared to the students who should receive a student chapter

Any student who will not receive one of the 15 membership grants can apply online for a regular (25 euro)  student membership or apply for a student membership grant through the EAGE Student Fund) More information about the types of memberships and the requirements is available here.

All student chapter members can start their renewal or application here: Student Chapter Member Application

Each completed registration will generate a nine-character unique confirmation code, which will look like this: 123-ABC-4D5.

Note: all students should go through the flow and obtain the confirmation code, even those who are already renewed by other means. 

Student chapter members have to provide this code to their Student Chapter president.

Please also ensure that your faculty advisor is an active member of EAGE.

Once all unique confirmation codes are gathered, the Student Chapter president has to collect and upload all unique codes through this form: Student Chapter Application (for President only)

Following the submission of the student chapter confirmation codes, our team will review your student chapter renewal. Once the chapter is active, the student chapter president will receive a notification about this.

If you have any questions, please have a look at our Q&A and student chapter walkthrough. If issues remain, don’t hesitate to reach out to us via any information for one of the students is incorrect or missing, then your chapter will not yet be activated.


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